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Vaccine Injury of T.Y. – Hawaii

Vaccine Date: 27 February 2021
7/4/21 Had first covid vaccine on Feb 27 (Saturday). Stayed for half an hour due to allergy risk. Arm was a bit sore though nothing to be worried about. The following Tuesday (3 days later) I ...

Alison Smith

Carrie Edberg

Charlotte Voce

Craig D'amico

Vaccine Injury of T.K. – California

​7/3/21 Just hope I can somehow help someone, similar to my posting here. Severe side effects are rare. But when it happens to you, it's no longer rare. Here is a summary of my case. 1st dose P...

Vaccine Injury of M.M. – Virginia

6-29-21 48 hours after getting the Pfizer shot I was in the ER with heart rate of 125, BP 190/90, Swelling and tightening of tongue and throat, chills, uncontrollable trembling, heat flashing a...

David Rich

Deena Herrera

Emma Burkey

Vaccine Injury of E.L. – New Mexico

7/3/21 ​I have a degree in pre med. I was I intelligent. We drove three hours to TX from NM for modern a because NM was months away from vaccinating any under 70 because we have so many ove...

Fred Veater

Glenn Costie

Heidi Wurst

Vaccine Injury of T.C. – North Carolina

Entry Date: 6/22/21 I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I have seen many patients come in the hospital with different bleeding disorders that did not have any bleeding disorders before. Pati...

Vaccine Injury of B.H. – Maryland

8/2/21 I have always been pro-vaccination - I am 55 years old and me, my wife and my kids have all been vaccinated. I had the Pfizer vaccine thinking it was safe however I had a major strok...

Vaccine Injury of N.M. – Oregon

​8/2/21 I worked as a Med tech with COVID pos residents. Invariably I had 2 bouts of COVID July 20th negative in between and the nov 30th. I got blood clots dvt with the first COVID infecti...

Jericka Addison

Jessica Mcfadden

Jessica Schmidt