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How to... Talk to Your Doctor

The National Institute of Health offers guidelines on clear communication with doctors. NIH How to Talk To Your Doctor >

How To… Find a Mental Health Counselor

Your story matters, your life matters, you matter. This React19 How To guide covers How to Find a Mental Health Counselor. Download the PDF here (last updated 23 March 2022): REACT19 MENTAL HEAL...

How To… Prepare for Your Doctor

Preparing For Your Doctor’s Appointment React19 has prepared an extensive How To... guide for those with longterm vaccine side effects. It would also work well for those with symptoms of Long Co...

How To... Order Cell Trend Labs for AutoAntibodies

Tips for ordering CellTrend labs for autoantibodies   I wanted to write something up with some tips for those of you interested in doing the CellTrend labs. I’ll put the links below to the ...