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Bethany Garrison

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My daughter was a healthy kid prior to the vaccine. She hadn't seen the inside of a hospital since the day she was born except for when she fell off her horse and injured her spleen years ago. She only had well check visits with her Dr. She played sports, rode her horse, hung out with her friends. She took part in gym class and didn't struggle in any of her classes.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

She got her 2nd Pfizer shot July 7th 2021. 2 weeks after that she had her first what we call episode. It looked like a panic attack she was on her horse and out of nowhere her chest felt tight and it felt like she couldn't breathe it lasted maybe 3 to 5 min. We thought it was weird but continued on. After that they started coming in st school she would just drop to the ground and couldn't breath. We were told she was suffering from panic attacks and we put her on medication for anxiety but things didn't get better they just got worse. She would randomly get a black dot in her vision and it would take over her eyesight completely until she can't see. Thry then said she was possibly getting ocular migraines. She started getting uncontrollable ticks and they said since we have a history of turrets it's that. She had episodes where she looked like she was going into a diabetic shock..she'd act silly and laugh at nothing.. her sister found her at the school dance on the bathroom floor laughing and not making sense. She was tested for diabetes, lymes, ekg was done drug tests. Everything came back normal. They then decided she might have FND/Conversion disorder. Which is caused by extreme stress and or trauma both of which she never had before and nothing had really changed. By then she started having other episodes. She would be walking or sitting in class and her legs would stop working and she wouldn't be able to feel them or move them from the waist down which has resulted in her having to have a wheelchair where ever we go and we had to agree for her to sit in it in school all day even if her legs are working bc she has become a safety concern for them so in order to stay in school we agreed. She also has what they call non epileptic seziures and sometimes she just stops in the middle of doing something and stares and can't talk or respond just stares like she's having an absent seziure. She had an eeg done it came back normal. She also now has hallucinations sometimes they tell her to do things that she doesn't want to do like pour ketchup on a friend's shirt or to stab her hand with a fork. She has to have an adult around all the time. She can't sleep at her friends house or go out on dates with her boyfriend. She no longer can ride her horse and we had to sell her. She collapses to the ground during basketball. She is having trouble keeping up with school because the episodes interfere with her school day and bc shes had to miss so much for drs appointments. She has to speak to a counselor because they keep insisting its anxiety. But she never had anxiety or any of these symptoms prior to the shot and nothing has changed except that she got the shot to cause her enough anxiety to cause these issues. She is more tired and really has to push herself. She gets headaches a lot. When she's running she gets winded with in 1 mon of starting her basketball game and sweats profusely and gets red in the face like she had been playing for hours. Which makes no sense bc she plays a sport every season she's not out of shape. Her entire life and ours has been turned upside down. She stopped getting her period. She has gotten it regularly since 6th grade and is on the pill. They did an ultrasound but have not gotten the results yet. She is scheduled to see another neurologist in Rochester and a cardiologist in Syracuse. And her Dr got her in a program where a group of drs look at her her symptoms and talk with her and us ... they then help our Dr diagnos and treat her. We are exhausted and feeling defeated and angry. No one will admit that it's covid shot that did this Topher. Even though she was completely healthy and happy prior to that shot. Everything started right after she got her 2nd shot and symptoms got even worse after we had covid in December.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

We have yet to find a solution to help her symptoms. We take a wheelchair everywhere and just deal with it as they occur but nothing has helped to lessen or get rid of them yet. We haven't even been able to get a diagnosis because no one knows what's wrong

Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

The drs will not acknowledge the timeliness and whenever I mention disnt have any problems until we get the shot they quickly dismiss it but can't offer any other explanation except it's a mental issue when my daughter dies not have any history of mental health in her
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