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Fred Veater

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I am writing this for my husband. My name is Laura Veater. Before the Vaccine, he was a very active 62 yr old coal miner that was in his 44 years of working at that job. He would hike all the time. He could walk out of the mine 15 to 7 miles a few times a week. He was able to unload bails of hay by grabbing them like they were cotton balls and just throwing them. Very, very active. Was always on the go.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

It started with, we would notice the blood pooling in his arms. This was around the 2-week post 1st vaccine in March. We just thought it was something that was age-related. Then 2-weeks post-second shot. He started to act odd to me. He would tell me he was so tired and could not get any energy o do anything. He then started to act like he was spacing out. Had a glazed look on his face, and then started to have tremors. I let our GP know of these and that I thought he was presenting signs of Parkinson's. Then on June 28th, 2021 I woke up to him telling me that he thought he had had a stroke. We went to the ER and they ran every test and MRI and there was no evidence of a stroke. This is when we started with all the blood work, and 2 different neurologists only to be told that he was just depressed. He was then put on short-term disability at work since he could not do his job as a supervisor. Now we deal with loud ringing in his ears, chronic fatigue, and memory loss, We did finally find a dr that told us, he could tell us what he did not have, but that he did not know what he had. He has now not been able to return to work and had to take a medical retirement. Our GP does believe that this is vaccine-related since there is nothing on any test that can explain his symptoms. I have watched my husband push himself to the point of total fatigue. Then he is layed up in bed for a week. He has also had relatives on his paternal side of his family display similar sytems, and 2 of our daughters.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

He has done some physical therapy since he has trouble walking sometimes and says he has to tell his legs to work or has to pick them up and move them. But this is the only treatment that has been offered to us.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Depression medication only made his symptoms worst. And our GP told him to stop taking them. They were given to him by one of the neuro Drs.

What would you like others to know?

That we would just like to have answers and help with finding a direction to go with getting a better quality of life.
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