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Heidi Wurst

Tagged with:Clotting

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Recovering from 3 botched surgeries beginning 12nov2020, for colon blockage resulting from excessive radiation and over prescription of antibiotics in 2019 for diverticulitis. Upper intestine grew fistulas which fused into the colon and had to be surgically removed, leaving hole in the upper intestine, so I could not eat. Was NPO with TPN for 48 days (no food, no liquid, no ice chips - mouth was so dry that gums shrank and all of my teeth shifted, and excessive antibiotics cause other problem with teeth. Spend another month in Skilled Nursing and was suffered malnutrition. Don't know name of blood test, but it was the one that indicates viability of patient suffering from malnutrition - at .7 - my test results were a .76 and the physician later remarked that he as not sure if he could bring me back to health, but never apologized for the botch surgery - blew it of that it was 'emergency' surgery for blockage. After the equivalent of over 1400 xrays to my gut (14 CT Scans with high contrast and multiple passes, plus 2 MRIs) and over 8 months of IV multiple antibiotics and ant-virals, my immune system was shot but the physician recommended taking the vaccine, which should have been contra0indicated due to poor immediate state of health. Prior to initial bout of diverticulitis in Jan 2019, with short hospitalization, which was not well treated, so relapsed in March, 2019. Prior to that I accidentally fell on a hard surface and broke my left hip which was pinned and healed beautifully. I'm now 73, but had not been to a doctor in about 20 years, prior to 2018 when I broke my hip. Never been on Rx and now am not on any Rx. I've always been active, but was greatly slowed down with arthritis in both hips, so walked with a cane prior to hop fracture (clean horizontal break through femur just below the joint). Still between a wheel chair and a walker, and even with extensive in-home PT, have very limited range of motion in both hips, so cannot exercise as much as I'd like.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Within two week of second Pfizer shot (Jan 23, 2022)

• Lost my sense of smell and taste, and sinuses and mucosa lining in nose dried up. Now improving but not back to normal.

• Most of my hair fell out over the next 30 days. Some has grown back but still not what it was.

• Worse vision. No improvement; getting worse with each micro-clot issue in eyes.

• Micro clotting in both index fingers (not the same time) where finger gets very cold and turns white for a minute or so. I move my fingers vigorously making a fist and opening it, and try to warm up the finger until blood flow resumes.

• Micro clotting in both eyes (not always at same time) feels like a tear in retina with dizziness, and greatly impaired vision (see black and white geometric patterns spinning). One major episode happened when the in home PT came, and she initially thought I was ‘joking’ when I tried to say something, three times, but the words came out wrong (not real words) and when she recognized that the episode ‘might’ have been a TIA, which resolved itself after a few minutes.

Now, I know to sit down, close my eyes, and rest until the clotting stop and resolves, but each time it scares me. Duration and frequency are diminishing, however.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Before the jabs, I had been taking a lot of Vitamin D + K2, which helped my hip arthritis immensely. Had been taking Zinc, Omega 3, Vitamin C, and trace minerals which seem to be helping somewhat, but I'm not out of the woods, yet. Because I am a low income senior (73) trying to live on social security of $853. /month, it is difficult to make ends meet, and sometimes I cannot afford groceries, let alone supplements. SLEEP... and lots of it. Today, I ran across this information, which should prove to be helpful to all suffers of the jabs. True Dangers of the Spike Protein, and How to Detoxify Yourself From It Recommendations include (for getting rid of spike proteins): Zinc Vitamin D Vitamin C Omega 3 Quercetin Other over-the-counter things to help detoxify: Selfheal Pine Needles Rheum Emodin Neem Dandelion Leaf Extract Ivermectin (not over-the-counter) N-Acceltycystine (NAC) Glutatthione Fennel Tea Anise Tea Pine Needle Tea St. John’s Wort Lithospermum Vitamin C

Which solutions were not helpful?

ALL ADVISE FROM FAUCI (who definitely needs an orange jump suit), Bill Gates (of Hell), CDC, WHO, government officials, and every doctor who 'encouraged' me to take the vaccines, which I was initially against, but with dire state of health from other causes, thanks largely in part from the health care system, which is not broken, but rigged.

What would you like others to know?

STAY AWAY FROM THE HEALTH (DEATH) CARE SYSTEM, which hates old people, AND REFUSE ALL NEEDLES, VACCINES, AND INVASIVE TREATMENTS. Do NOT listen to the propaganda from the CDC, the WHO, the government, faustian Fauci, Bill Gates, or anyone pushing COVID vaccines and boosters. Definitely, a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Give Fauci and Bill Gates one way tickets to a courtroom in Nuremberg, Germany, as they have already killed more people than Vladimir Putin ever will. Indict, prosecute, convict them of their dastardly crimes and hand them publicly, by the neck, until dead. IN the mean time, mock and ridicule them to the fullest extent of social media and TURN OFF TV - DENY AND EXPOSE THE PROPAGANDA AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.
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