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James Butler

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Walked, played golf regularly.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I had an interesting reaction to both of the first 2 vaccines. I had heard that some people have a metallic taste in their mouth indicating possible intravenous injection. I did not have this, but 15 hours after the first injection(given on 3/3/2021), I had diarrhea and what was a alcohol or metallic smell which I never had before.

9 weeks after the second injection (given on 3/24/2021) I had a tightness in my throat which I thought was acid reflux. I drove to the hospital (under no duress) and was told my levels in blood(troponin I believe) was slightly elevated and that I was possibly having a heart attack. They did a number of tests and indicated no heart damage but that I probably had a blockage. The next day they put a stent in for a 98% blockage. They said it was a N-stemi heart attack.

Over the weeks following I have reverted to near normal life. I walk regularly and play golf but was told to avoid the really hot days for golf.

To be fair my triglycerides and HDL were high before and I had borderline hypertension. Since the heart attack and changing my diet and losing 30 lbs my triglycerides and HDL are on the low side of normal. I am on Atorvorstatin and Metropilol as well as baby aspirin and Brilanta. Also Amlodopin and Benzapril.

So one can make a case that I am better off now than before, but my concern is whether or not the vaccine pushed me over the edge and if so, should I avoid getting a 4th injection? Could I be allergic to MRNA vaccines? Are there tests I can take that can tell whether I am having a negative reaction to future MRNA vaccines that might indicate inflammation?

What would you like others to know?

I am generally pro vaccine, but is aspiration of vaccines an important issue to avoid intravenous injections(if that is what I had)? Can people be allergic to MRNA vaccines? Can MRNA vaccines push people over the edge to have a blockage and heart attack?

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