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Jon Evans

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Great - very fit and healthy. travelled extensively / corporate technology - data scientist Practiced yoga 6 x a week Taught yoga every Friday Gym 3x a week Own a small holding farm so very active

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I have an adverse reaction to vaccine on my NHS medical records due to serious inclination on childhood vaccines requiring ICU

Vaccine was only had because I have vulnerable parents and was told that this prevents spread

No consultation at all despite my medical notes on full view

Within 6 hrs I was very ill - I’ve never felt this in my adult life

Intense fear / anxiety

Could not walk / dizzy / racing pulse

Crawled to the toilet and was sick for hours (I’ve been physically sick 3 times in my life)

Was in bed for 3 days

Then swelling of lymph glands / marble size under armpits

Tingling down face / spine vision persisted for days

Then injected shoulder “froze” pain and loss of mobility within 1 week

Other shoulder froze within 2 weeks

After one month

Zero energy

Tingles in face / slight double vision

Shorting pains down arms / pain in joints

After 6 months

Shoulders very limited in mobility / popping of joints / joint pain

Using various exercises from my Yoga training / anatomy after 12 months started to gain some mobility but strength lost and shoulder joints very unstable

Have not been able to do yoga / go to gym since the injection

Never felt right since - low energy , racing heart , I feel 10’yrs older

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Various exercises on my shoulders Various supplants - glucosamine, cod liver oil, Vitamins after reading Tess Lawre Zeolites (specific variant) worked very well as I found them 18 months after the vax - 10 days and all popping in the joints has gone? No coincidence.

Which solutions were not helpful?

The U.K. NHS - denied any association and blamed Covid. I had Covid in Dec 19 before the actual pandemic. My immunity was high and I have not had it since despite being very sociable and in major cities

What would you like others to know?

People need to have a clearer view on the attentive remedies / supplements to remove spike protein / detox
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