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A.B. – Virginia

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


This is my mother's story...

She was 82 years old and in reasonably good health living with my sister. My sister was afraid of Covid-19 because both her and my mom had gotten severe case of the flu in 2018 & 2019, so after a year of isolation, she took my mother to have her first Moderna shot.

Immediately, her strength began to fail, and within two weeks, around the middle of March, my sister took her to a local hospital. She stayed for almost five days and extensive testing there was NO DIAGNOSIS provided by the hospital or any presiding doctor!!

My sister took her home with no diagnosis and scheduled an appointment with a primary care physician on March 24th. My mother barely made it to the appointment...she sat in a wheelchair struggling to breathing and in pain...

It was her last trip out of the house. She died in the early morning hours of March 29th. The hospice nurse said it was pulmonary fibrosis.

We don't believe she died of pulmonary fibrosis. After some simple research, that disease just doesn't progress that way. In less than 4 weeks after receiving the Moderna injection, my mother was dead.

-A.B. - Virginia"

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