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A.D. – Louisiana

Tagged with:Tremors or Twitching

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/24/21

I was injured on 1/5/2021 by the Pfizer Vaccine. I lost the use of both my legs, followed by full body convulsions. I spent 5 days in the hospital with no medical treatment whatsoever for my adverse reaction or for the convulsions. I have seen numerous Neurologist and still have no diagnosis.

This has been a living nightmare. I did regain the use of my legs but still at almost 6 months out, I still loose them from time to time. I never know from day to day if I will be able to walk, horrible tremors or Full body convulsions.

Several doctors have knowledge and charted this in my medical records but I still have no treatment plan to regain my life. I have lost my job and the ability to drive in fear of a convulsion started.

This has totally changed my life. I want to be the woman I was before the vaccine. I want to be heard and get the proper medical treatment I deserve. I gave many years of my life as a Health Care Worker and the medical industry has completely failed me.

A.D. - Louisiana

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