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A.F. – Massachusetts

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


received the Pfizer covid vaccine on 8/27. On 8/29 I began experiencing adverse reactions. I have been to 9 health care appointments, 4 were ER. All diagnosed with adverse reaction to covid vaccine. I saved all documents. I work for Berkshire Health Systems as a Xray Technologist Specialist in Mammography. I was given the ultimatum that no Vax meant no job. I inquired for a medical exemption from my Immunologist but I was denied 4 days after being told I would get one. Ironically, I was denied the day the FDA approved it, and was told he wasn't going to give me one. I ultimately had to give in for financial reasons, with 2 children to care for. I haven't been able to work since the end of August. I am now forced to apply for FMLA or short term disability in order to get any source of income. 48 hrs after the vaccine to this day my symptoms have worsen. It started with brain fog an minor neurological issues. Slowly my symptoms grew more concerning, burning in my hands, legs feeling disconnected, loss of balance, pins/needles stabbing throughout my body, blurry vision. By September 9th I developed tremors, and tachycardia. Along with the other symptoms I have face tingling, an internal vibration throughout my body, muscle spasms in my legs and constant aching in all my extremities. None of the health care professionals I've seen can help me. They all have referred me to Neurologist, which I can't see until November. I have an echo cardiogram in October. I have filed a case with Vaers, Pfizer and the CDC. I had to advocate for every appointment. They have made it so difficult. I just am not sure if you had any contacts or communication I could have to help me get this reported and warn others.

-A.F. - Massachusetts"

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