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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/17/21

I got my first shot of Pfizer in Feb 2021. On my way home from my shot (within 20 minutes) the right side of my face went numb and my arms (especially the right side where I received my shot down to my hands were tingling). I didn’t know if this was normal or not. About an hour and a half later my husband took me to the emergency room. I couldn’t fill out the paperwork. I was given an ibuprofen and told I was fine. Two days later I was still not fine and saw my primary care doc. She dismiss me with Bells Palsy but couldn’t explain the arm. I started steroids and for the next month could barely function. I had massive migraines, bloody noses, bleed through my pants when I had my period, no improvement with my face numbness. I saw a neurologist two weeks ago and got an mri. Things have not improved. I have a masters degree in public health. I submitted reports. I was told not to talk about it. Im not ok. It’s almost been 5 months


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