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A.K. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/22​/21

I was a healthy 33 year old with no history of medical issues. I don't know if I ever had covid, but if I did it was asymptomatic. I have had a strange immediate neurological reaction to the first dose of Pfizer on 5/15 and did not get a second dose. Initially I felt like my whole body filled up with pressure and intense malaise. Then I started noticing pins and needles in my arms while in bed. It quickly escalated to the worst discomfort I have ever had and I have fairly good pain tolerance. At its peak- I would say it was 9/10 bad. For the first time I understood why someone might pick euthenisa with chronic pain. My whole body would go pins and needles to the point that I would wake myself up by throwing myself out of the bed (luckily this is not currently happening to this degree). My right arm started going numb during the day. My legs felt cramped like I had run a marathon. I became very worried about GBS. I saw a neurologist and she performed an office new patient neuro exam that came back ok except for a self reported issue with the arm that was then numb (not my vaccine arm). She thought it doesn't present like GBS although I am not sure why- maybe because my reflexes were ok. I scheduled an EMG for the end of July. I also went to doctors at who did some standard lab work that came back fine. They did some follow up lab work for auto-immune things and my B12 came back as 157 pg/ML so I immediately got on a sublingual supplement and got a B12 injection. Neither is helping. I also saw an internal medicine doctor who said some of her patients have had neuro issues that resolved after a couple months (this has been the only validation I have received medically that it is related to the vaccine and things may get better). I have started having what I can best describe as cognitive dysfunction. I have a lot of brain fog, kind of like I am lost in my own head or my brain is made of pudding. For a while it was accompanied with a strange sensation of full body spiraling/buzzing/racing. It's really hard to describe but it's overwhelming. It feels like the last two weeks it stabilized at a baseline level of bad but it's not improving. I was taking a low dose of gabapentin (100-300mg) to sleep every night but stopped. It's hard for me to sleep on either side. I often wake up with one of my right arm seizing up in nerve pain. My legs continue to cramp despite daily yoga. I keep reading of other people's neurological reactions to the vaccine online that seem often similar to mine- it does seem like it is affecting some population but the data hasn't caught up yet to medical care.

A.K. - California

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