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A.R. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



My name is A and on 1/31 I received the Moderna vaccine Lot #042L20A , on my left deltoid. After 15 min my face and mouth started to go numb. Round 30 min my throat felt like it was closing up and I couldn't breathe. I notified the person running the event and it was chalked up as anxiety. I had to get picked up because I was too dizzy and weak to drive. I continued to have breathing issues and sharp pains in my chest but assumed it was anxiety related. On 2/12, I was at home when I felt a sharp pain from my neck to chest area after my heart started to have extreme palpitations so we called 911. When the medics came and took my blood pressure it was 207/112 and my heart rate was elevated so much that it was recommended I go to the ER. At the ER my bloodwork showed an elevated d-dimer of 631 so they performed a CT scan, EKG and X-ray which all came back as normal. I was discharged as having panic disorder. At some point from the hospital to the next day is when the real nightmare began. I started to feel this intense vibration inside of me and it wouldn't turn off. I couldn't sleep or eat, I just couldn't function like I once did. At the same time my blood pressure kept spiking to high numbers I never had before ranging from 150-200/80-100. During this time I also had muscle twitching/pain, tingling in lower limbs, headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite (loss 7 pounds that week), nausea, and weakness. I went back to the ER on 2/18, were again I was labeled as having panic/anxiety disorder. I had 3 urgent care visits and saw 2 different primary care providers who all said it was anxiety. During this time I was also seeking help from a psychologist and on 3/30, she told me that what I'm experiencing isn't anxiety and to go back to my doctor for help. On 4/14, I finally met with a doctor who listened to my concerns and is now referring me to a specialist. I really feel like these reactions need to be made public and shared so people know the possible side effects. When my vibration was at its strongest and I wasn't getting any help I thought to myself could I live like this the rest of my life. I was very fortunate that I was found by someone who started a group with people going through the same experience because it gave me hope. I've now had 15 weeks of my life impacted by these reactions, lost my spot in a CST program I was in to better my education and career. I did reach out to Moderna and the CDC about these reactions. I filed a VEARS report as well. I hope by sharing our information it will result in some awareness and potential medical help.

Thank you for your time,

A.R. - California"

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