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C.H. – Massachusetts

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Anyone that knows me knows what I am not anti/vax nor was I ever until the last 100 days of my life. My world has been turned upside down since I received the “jab”. I am not posting this for some large discussion; I am posting this to hopefully help others and help there to be some awareness for all of the other silent people suffering or going thru 100 doctor visits, endless blood work, mri’s , worrying you have MS, or Lyme, or cancer or some auto immune, or being told it’s anxiety or your just run down. This is real and more people need to know what this “jab” did to me and to millions of other people.

I spend everyday with heating pads on my knees and joints in the morning and at night after attempting to work. My life has become fully consumed with pain management and constant research to figure out how to get better. My time away from work is spent at acupuncture, at IV drip facilities being pumped with vitamins and trying to detox my body, in and out of doctors and functional med facilities or sitting in epsom

Salt baths. Endless money and time spent to try abd feel better from a vaccine that was told to protect us and no severe side effects!!!!! I cry almost every night in horrible pain and fear that I’ll never get better and this ruined my life or body. I feel like I’ve been poisoned. This has gone on since may 15th and has only gotten worse.

The pins and needles in my body led to extreme nerve pain where I have had to ice my lips, hands, feet daily. i also now have chronic horrible joint pain making it hard to walk at times or drive using my hands because every joint in my hands throb and don’t work right , extreme muscle fatigue in my upper arms making it hard to lift over my head or do my own hair; let alone clients as I am a hairstylist. 3 months now !!!!

This poison that was injected into my body and most of the country now controls my life and I have no idea if or when I’ll ever get better.

This post isn’t for sympathy or to go against other people’s views on this subject; or to upset others; but it needs to be heard and more people need to know what this did to me and so many others I have now found all over the world.

I was doing my part protecting my family, myself, my clients and coworkers and helping to stop the spread of this virus and trusted it was safe; now I pay the price out of my own pocket to help get back any sort of normalcy in my life.

I was a healthy 39 year old who’s body now feels like I’m 100. We need answers, support and help that have had adverse reactions to this horrific “jab”. This video I just found and perhaps it will help others dig a little bit for information or help.

Im lost at this point and just trying to help my body everyday but it’s a battle of pain management every single day.

-C.H. - Massachusetts"

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