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C.R. – Alabama

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I got my 2nd Moderna shot February 21,2031.

Drank lots of fluids like they tell u to do. Felt very tired went to bed early. Woke up to go to bathroom at 4AM. Felt some dizziness and a bit nauseated, I then past out, unconscious for a minute or so on bath floor. Husband heard me hit floor. After I came to, I had fever, chills, and HORRIBLE headache. We thought this was all part of normal reaction to vax. After 3 days fever, chills left. Still had headache. Dr. Sent me to have MRI, and X'Ray's to make sure I did not have concussion or broken bones from fall. All test were negative. 2 days later, I had grown increasingly weaker, and started with tremors and unable to speak properly. I was sent via Ambulance to hospital, admitted, given fluids, and was too weak to walk to bathroom by my self. I also continued to have the tremors all but the last day of my stay. Dr. At hospital says vaccine reacted with autoimmune condition that must have been in a flare. I am still experiencing weakness, fatigue, tremors. Speech and cognitive issues, as well as balance and dizziness at times. I have not been able to return to work as a medical insurance clerk since the vax. Drs. Do not truly know how to help me.

Thank you hearing my story. Thank you to all that have shared their stories. I am in Hope's that our Government hears us all, and will help us get treatments to restore our lives.

With Hope and Belief,

- C.R. Alabama"

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