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C.S. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/21/21

​I had my first Pfizer shot on March 11, 2021. On the day we were suppose to get our second shot, I suddenly realized that my tongue was swollen--I didn't know if I had a weird cold coming on or what it was. My husband and I started to go to the site for the second shot when I said I felt I shouldn't have it. My husband was concerned and instead drove me to a walk-in emergency clinic in our town. Based on what I described, they immediately gave me an epi shot, noted that I was taking Lisinopril, and called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. They wouldn't let my husband drive me because it was 40 minutes away in a rural area w/bad cell coverage.

I was in the emergency room for 4 hours and released, but told to not take the second shot.

Then, on June 1, developed a bad case of hives from some mosquito bites, and broke out with horrible hives on my thigh.

I reported both incidents to Pfizer and they have sent me two questioners, which I have answered.

As a data person, I searched the VARES data base and did not see my situation in the database. I personally added my experience for first the anaphylaxis and a second one for the hives. I was initially told that my vares report on my anaphylaxis reaction was 3 weeks after my first shot and therefore not considered related. And for a period of time my record on VARES appeared to be deleted. It has since been added and I am watching for the second reaction to appear.

I also think it is possible that reactions with EPI Pen needed are potentially being under-reported. I noticed that the Hospital and my Doctor didn't appear to report the incident, even though I did.

being underreported

C.S. California

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