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Vaccine Injury of Christian Oscar Cintron

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I felt a lot healthier than what I do now.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Since I have had the shot, I've gotten covid, and more recently, I have been noticing a lot of issues internally. Yes, I'm 31 going on 32 in March and I am getting older, but I feel a lot of what I am feeling is due to the vaccine. I didn't feel these type of issues until I got it. Admittedly, I was totally against it initially, but my fiance working in the medical field as a nurse was telling me the dangers of not having it. I will say she respected my decision, she didn't force it upon me. Ultimately, it was my decision to get the jab. After having many talks with her, I decided to help with the "herd immunity" as she claimed was the issue with the virus spreading. After all, we've taken vaccines before. And why would she lie to me? She is my partner for a reason and is looking out for my best interest. I still had my doubts due to the evidence I had been witnessing, but I figured she knew best being in the field. I got a shot (can't find the date at the moment) then a booster in 2021. I have been starting to feel a lot of inflammation in my heart and chest area more frequently. I went to a doctor and they put a Holter monitor on me for a day. They ran blood work. Now they want me to take medication to see how I react to it, but with me currently being unemployed, prescriptions come at a hefty price tag. Which is money I don't have, on top of debt I have already accumulated. So needless to say I haven't received the prescription yet. Other medical issues include seeing flashes on the sides of my eyes (which I never experienced before till recently) I have some sort of IBS symptoms where I have constant flux of diarrhea and loose stool. Haven't had too many solid poops for months now. Might be due to stress, but again... I wasn't stressing until after I got it. So I consider that a symptom. I have been noticing a lot more frequent nerve reactions. I forget the term that is used, but badically when your muscles start popping by themselves. Although, this may be due to me being an active lifter, muscles constantly firing off and what not. But I have seen many people complain about nerve issues, so I might as well throw that in there. But I am trying to find help for the next option because I fear of dropping dead at this point (as many have done since getting this same treatment) and leaving my family and loved ones to deal with my debts. Sure, it won't be my problem anymore, but I would rather avoid such things. I want to live as long as healthily as possible. I found this website through a post on reddit about people experiencing issues with the jab. So here I am. Any suggestions are welcome.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I don't have many solutions other than try to remain calm, and keep moving forward until the solution is found. If there is any...

Which solutions were not helpful?


What would you like others to know?

Don't take this jab. If my sacrifice has meant anything, I hope it helps the next person further solidify their decision in taking it.

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