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Vaccine Injury of Christine Austvold

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

VERY healthy and active, married, middle age women with 3 children. Enjoyed strength training & working out 6 days a week. Used excersise to manage previous anxiety and was doing so well I was off anti-depressants. Rarely got sick. My immune system was solid. I only had Hypo Thyroidism at that time, I was eating healthy, working part time as an independent bookkeeper. I was in the best shape of my life in 2020/2021 before Vaccine.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Covid vacine in May 2021 . Sept 2022 contracted Covid and perscribed Nirmatrelvir & Ritonavir Tbpk. Stopped Plaxovid early because of metal taste in mouth & felt worse. 11/11/22 got another upper respitory virus ( had Laryngitis 2 weeks prior that lasted 3 days) 1 week prior developed sore throat, became very congested, and has yellow and green mucus, long periods of excessive coughing, and painful congestion. Script for
Benzonatate 100 MG. 11/13/22 Viral conjunctivitis of both eyes perscribed Azelastine HCl (OPTIVAR) 0.05 %. Continued with coughing fits and servere congestion. Came to Florida and went to Urgent Care. Script for amoxicillin &predniSONE. March 7, 2023, left knee pain, swollen, (didn't do anything to cause the symptoms) perscribed meloxicam 15 mg oral tablet. Knees remained swollen, painful to walk - saw Orthopedic April 2023 received 2 steroid injections - 1 in each knee. Aug 2023 still no relief in knees - script for PT due to Arthritis. PT helped but cannot squat, lunge or do yoga. Sept 2023 Bloodwork done and hemotoma from the blood draw. Oct 2023 severe hand, wrist and arm numbness, tingling, pain when using right hand. rash on right arm, won't go away & arm goes numb randomly. Back to Orthopedic 12/12/23 - not presenting as Carple Tunnel, "bit of a mystery said the Dr." script for Prednisone slightly helps.
12/30/23 suddenly, not due to movement, severe lower back pain. Can't walk, sit, hard to breathe. Emergency visit with Chiropractor. Adjustments slightly help. Pain, hard to walk for 7 days. Pain slowly subsiding in back. Meantime, follow up with Ortho for hand/arm/wrist. Still a mystery. Advises 2nd round of PrednesONE. My hands also feel tingly (which I thought was from Gel Manicures) now I believe this sensation is neurologic; similar to my right arm/wrist. Feel like humpty dumpty as of Jan 10, 2024.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Just now as I write this, noticing that PrednisONE seems to help me with musclular issues. Stretching, breath work, fascia massage and fascia manuvers are helping my knees and back along with regualr visists to Chiropractor which is not covered by insurance. Began Qi Gong program to manage mental stress with all of this. Addtionally, have been going to Red Light therapy on and off since I had covid - it HELPS!

Which solutions were not helpful?

OTC advil, tylenol do nothing.
Xrays tell the doctors nothing
Dr. telling me it's arthritis when my Xrays show very little for my age and I've never had an issue with any of this before.

What would you like others to know?

Do not let other pressure you into getting the vaccine. Listen to your body and gut. If you don't feel like the Dr. is listening to your concerns go to the next one. Try unconvetional therapies. Light to moderate stretching are working for me, Red light therapy is helping, walking and getting outside in fresh air is theraputic. I'm also journaling / manafesting taking my health into my own hands.

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