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Vaccine Injury of Danielle Landers

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normal. Better. More robust. Less lonely.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Starting point for reference- LAD Heart attack Nov 2018. 1 stent. Have done all follow-up, medical protocols, and made healthy life adjustments and have been given thumbs up on all of my recovery visits with all testing since clear and in normal test ranges.

I have persistent low B12 levels and take shots. Primary doctor runs testing to try to determine cause and nothing shows up as definitive. I felt fine overall, and with the B12 injections, living life robustly.

That changed on April 2, 2021. I did not have an anaphylaxis reaction but from the first day of my Moderna Covid-19 vaccination there was something wrong in my body. My left shot arm swelled up and and felt like it was hit by a baseball bat. I lost feeling in my left pinkie and finger finger. I went to my general practitioner who had administered and was told I had Covid arm causing ulnar compression and that physical therapy might help but that once my arm swelling went down it might resolve on it's own. I started feeling like I had the flu so I did not pursue PT as I felt so unwell. The kind of flu feeling where you can only lie there and moan in misery wishing for it to pass. I rallied enough in about a month, just in time to drag myself for Moderna vaccination round 2 April 28, 2021.

I explained all of my concerns to my primary doctor and was told it was safe for me to take the 2nd. My arm swelled up again, the flu-like feeling came roaring back, and I started having chest pain, multiple tachycardia incidents (documented on Cardia home device) and started bolting straight up out of sleep not being able to catch my breath. I also started feeling electric shocks inside my abdomen and left arm at this point and having nerve driven palsying on my left side.

I went back to my Primary and had an EKG done that showed normal results. Doctor said I was having panic attacks and had anxiety and prescribed Ativan for this.

I began having my left arm go numb whenever I ate and lost 25 pounds only being able to tolerate mostly liquid or soft foods. No one could explain this or figure it out. I was told it was impossible for it to happen.

I had increasing pain in lower left abdomen. I visited the gynocologest. Gynocologest told me I had a few cysts and they would resolve on their own but did order a transvaginal ultrasound for more clarity. Also orders a mamogram which is clear.

By July 2020 the abdominal and chest pain was so much that i went to the ER. They ran testing, did chest, throat, abdomen CT, said I was ok and that I should follow up with specialists outside the hospital. (There is now a note in my records that wasn't previously there that says treatment was subject to Covid protocols.(ie. unless you were bleeding out the hospital was sending you back out the door)

My Primary did referrals to rheumatologist and gastroenterologist. The rheumatologist did a lot of bloodwork and said all tests came back without a clear indication of autoimmune. The gastroenterologist did a colonoscopy and said I was clear and prescribed a medicine to relax my intestines. Side effect that started up with my vision made totally blurry and I had to stop taking it as I could barely drive while on it or read my computer screen for work..

I visit cardiologist who does annual exam and EKG show normal but he is the first in the chain to believe something possibly is going on related to taking the shots.

My Primary did a referral to a neurologist. Neurologist did bloodwork, ran EMG/CVS and said no long fiber neuropathy. Neurologist orders MRI of brain & cervical spine checking
for MS or other issues. Those did not indicate it. Then did a skin punch biopsy which did confirm small fiber neuropathy and put me on Gabapentin. Suggests I revisit the gynocologest for the pelvic area abdominal pain

Through all of this I am still feeling completely unwell, having panic attacks, and am in severe abdominal pain on left side.

I circle back to gynocologest who again gives all clear and suggests I have my lower back looked at. Neurologist orders lumbar MRI. It shows 1 compressed (L4-5)and 1 herniated disc T12-L-1). I'm referred to a spinal specialist and given injections. Those triggered spinal headache, caused pain in a line up the left side of my spine. The shots are deemed ineffective and I'm told to go to Physical Therapy. Conflicting viewpoints from Primary and Neuro on if I can handle it but I decide to try it.

Multiple sessions into PT my pain is so great I go back to Neuro and ask if there are any other PT options and am signed up at the rehab center for aquatic therapy. They access me and put me on twice a week sessions. After each I'm wiped out for the rest of each day and experiencing horrible pain spikes to the point of throwing up. I do 10 sessions then they reaccess me and say I'm showing results that are worse than when I started and discharge me.

As a summary of where I am at this point in the journey, concurrent to the specialist visits, I'm in regularly to the Primary trying to adjust medicines, running addition bloodwork, trying to hunt down answers and still in pain.

I go back to the Gastroenterologist who orders an abdominal ultrasound but which only covers my arterial flow on upper half of my abdomen. They discover a calcified spleenic artery. I am referred to a vascular specialist who tells me it is nothing to worry about and we'll just monitor it. Vascular says I should revisit spinal specialist.

Neurologist gets results from Vascular and orders abdominal and pelvic MRI. I am financially strapped at this point and am saving for the ability to afford my portion of it in order to schedule that.

I began working with a psychiatrist that specializes in psychiatry and neurology in order to review my medications and attempt to get the panic attacks & anxiety better managed. I'm rx'd Zoloft to be taken at increasing levels. This triggers incontinence and inability to sense urgency to go. We then begin a taper off of that and onto Prozac. At the time of this writing I am in my first week on Prozac only. The incontinence has slowed but sense or urgency to go remains and my anxiety levels are still very high/not managed. .

It is now 2 years and 4 months of living in daily pain and suggestions that just drive me in a circle to another specialist. While some "answers" have been gained, no "solutions" have been. I now intermittently lose ability to walk, dress myself, hold or carry things, do not have the stamina to do normal things like grocery shopping. My brain fog from the pain distracting me makes it difficult to do my job. As for my job, I have had to take extreme amounts of time off to address these many doctor visits, testings, and PT appointments. This has compromised my ability to succeed and grow in my career. On a personal note, I've missed countless family gatherings due to my inability to travel without triggering higher pain levels. Only when I have a smidgen of energy am I able to connect by phone with family and friends so I am not so isolated from enjoyment with them.

There is no question in my mind, nor in many others who have knew me as a cheerful, competent, on the go person that my abrupt health downslide was triggered by my vaccine shots. They've witnessed it step by step on real time. It was day & night for me as a person. Others were skeptical because there was no public forum where it was allowed to be talked about or a mainstream place to hear or read about it. This impacted MY health as it was stressful to not be believed by some family, friends, AND doctors.

While discovery of what is occurring within myself would be wonderful in the event solutions could be found, I primarily just want to be well so that I can continue to share a good life with my finance and assist & enjoy time with my family and my friends.

While I fully recognize Facebook groups aren't medical, I belong to 3 of them with small fiber neuropathy and vaccine injury focus. There is a total of over 20 thousand people and growing sharing that they are experiencing things similar to myself. There is so much suffering, so much loss of hope, so much pain. Time and again there are stories of being dismissed by the medical community. The pages are full of stories that directly corelate that taking of the shots to a rapid decline in health. Ignoring these or being ignorant of them is bringing loss. I don't have enough fingers left to count those now gone who felt suicide was preferable to what they were "living" with.

Please help me. Please help us.

Doctors, you must be seeing more unusual things in your practices. Be curious. Be open. Work collaboratively to help us find answers. No one should have to suffer like this and become financially unstable trying to seek answers. We aren't here to blame, we are here trying to reclaim our lives and look to you as the professionals to guide this.

Politicians, please help create pathways that support us financially with our doctor visits, testing and changed lives costs. Protect our rights to speak our truths & experiences. Consider ways your position of power and influence can shine light on what is happening to so many. Change the way our injuries are viewed by believing they are happening to us as we're screaming they are.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-acetyle cysteine, Tulsi/Holy Basil, Quecertin, Magnesium, Cinnamon, Apple cider vinegar, Turmeric Curcumin, Berberine, Ginseng, Lion's Mane mushroom, Rheisi mushroom, Turkey tail mushroom, pre & pro biotics Gabapentin, anxiety, anti depressant, and sleep aid medications

Which solutions were not helpful?

Not being believed. Being told it is all in my head. Being passed around in circles to specialists who each just find one part of the issue with no one to put it all together.

What would you like others to know?

The Moderna vaccine injured me and has severely negatively impacted my life, my ability to work, and created financial hardship. Find support with other vaccine injured. Don't give up looking for or fighting for answers and treatments.

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