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Vaccine Injury of David Hernandez

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

54-year-old law enforcement officer in excellent health, running 5K marathons, 15-mile bicycle rides, gym 5 days a week, eating grilled chicken and salads, no alcohol, drugs, or smoking. 5'7" and 160 pounds with no fat and plenty of muscle, felt great. Just had a full medical physical 3 months earlier and all was fine.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

December 2020 and January 2021, I completed 2 separate complete medical physicals (for work and health plan), which I passed with flying colors and had an ejection fraction/heart function of 69% and was told that was excellent for a 54-year-old. I had been eating grilled chicken and salads, running 5K marathons, 15-mile bicycle rides, gym 5 days per week, non-smoker, no alcohol, no drugs, law enforcement officer, rarely ever sick. Pfizer Vax 1 on March 3, 2021; Pfizer Vax 2 on March 24, 2021. Approximately 2-3 weeks later, I was out of breath on my runs and not feeling well, winded walking up stairs and exercising in gym. Began making doctor appointments trying to figure out what was happening. Cardio, Pulmonary, Gastro, Immunologist, Neurologist, Primary, and eventually Hematologist/Oncologist. These doctor appointments and all of their scheduled testing took me through 4 months of rapid deterioration, to the point where I could barely walk down the hall or take 1 flight of stairs without being completely winded, or shower on my own, and was swelling/retaining fluid in abdomen and legs. Was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma with Cardiac Amyloidosis/Congestive Heart Failure at the beginning of September 2021. Heart function tested at 35% ejection fraction/heart function, so my heart function was cut in half in 4-months, which based on my health and habits should have taken 40-years to deteriorate that much. My immunologist commented that something changed in my system over these few months and doesn't seem to match me or my past immune system history, as my immune system had basically gone to nothing with little immunity to anything (including things I had been vaccinated for during my career). Began chemotherapy and heavy diuretics which took a few months to begin making a difference. Learned that the cardiac amyloidosis had a 6-month death sentence and luckily, I caught it in about 4-months. I am so blessed to be alive and better today but am still suffering many side effects and am on chemo and other meds. As a side note, there is no history of multiple myeloma or cardiac amyloidosis in my family.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Insisting something felt wrong and I needed to identify what it was and kept after doctors to identify what it was. Official online sources of information such as the Multiple Myeloma Foundation, Mayo Clinic, YouTube (try to stick to official sites, professional organizations, doctors, and such), etc.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Frustration over continued push for COVID vaccinations, "controlling" of any negative comments or open discussion about COVID vaccination side effects which is further compounding our issues, and there are many of us who have issues post vaccination. We are being ignored.

What would you like others to know?

Seek help, we need groups and organizations like this to allow us to coordinate and gather accurate information to determine what truly happened and help identify anything what we can do to improve our help/quality of life - since much of this is being silenced. The time for us to be considered anti-vax conspiracy theory crazies has long passed, as we were not as we actually got the vaccines, yet have suffered irreparable damage, way more so than if we had just had COVID instead. We can't go back and "untake" the vaccines, but we can hopefully gather enough information to help each other improve our health and live longer. Stay positive, laugh and enjoy time with family/friends as much as we can, life is short and we need to live it to the max. Also, pray and depend on the support of your family and friends.

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