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Vaccine Injury of Drew Wilson

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Received J&J vaccine on 5/20/21. Six hours later I felt very sick and had a headache and some vomiting that evening. I was sick for about 48 hours. On 5/28/21 I experienced back pain that would come and go. I felt deep pain beneath left and right shoulder blades. Intense pain/discomfort would come on and off. On 6/01/21 I experienced soreness in the left calf. It felt like a pulled muscle but I couldn't stretch it out. This is also when I started coughing excessively, leading to consistent vomiting. On 6/14/21 I could not sleep due to major shortness of breath. I then had another sore spot show up on my left thigh, just above the kneecap. At this point I had lost 15-20lbs, mostly due to vomiting and loss of appetite from coughing/pain. On 6/15/21 I went to urgent care and received a D-dimer. This measured 1,640 ng/mL (normal should be zero). I was told to go to the emergency room. During the emergency visit, they found 2 clots (DVTs) via ultrasound. I also had a CT scan of the chest completed where they discovered 2 life threatening pulmonary embolisms. I stayed the night with an IV of anti-conglomerates. I was then sent home on blood thinner medication (Eliquis). 7/21/21 I went to the Hematologist for further evaluation. Due to the conclusion that this was absolutely from the vaccine, I was told I only needed to be on blood thinners for 6 months. In December, 2021 ACIP makes preferential recommendation to use MRNA vaccines over J&J due to safety concerns. In May, 2022 the J&J vaccine was no longer recommended and essentially pulled due to blood clotting. The most frustrating part of the entire experience was how few doctors, nurses, friends and family refused to believe that it had anything to do with the vaccine. I was nearly chased out of the ER when I mentioned the vaccine until I provided the d-dimer information from urgent care. The additional medical bills impacted my family (wife and two daughters).

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Advocate for yourself with the doctors. Advocate for not taking MRNA vaccines. There is lots of education materials online cited by studies that you can show to others. Nobody should be taking this.

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