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Vaccine Injury of Eric A Perez

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I am a service connected formerly homeless honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran. Prior to the vaccine I was an essential worker during the pandemic at Fresh Direct. Life in the Bronx was terrible and dangerous.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Dec 22 2020  I received the first Astra Zeneca AZD1222 as part of the AZD1222 Study being held at the Veterans Affairs Administration located at 423 East 23 St NYC. Blood and vital signs taken from me. I also fainted after being administered this dose. I went home and developed extreme flu like symptoms the whole holiday.

Jan 19 2021 I received the arthroscopic knee surgery and developed a severe DVT thrombosis in my right calf. I went home and followed up with my orthopedist the following week and was referred to a sonogram where I was told I had DVT.

I went to the hospital and was placed on blood thinners.

After telling the study supervisor of this she stated I had to be unmasked and that I did not receive the vaccine.
She then told me to schedule my Pfizer vaccines which I did.
Filed CUCP claim
I filed a lawsuit against her the ca and Astra Zeneca docket 21-cv-04844

Lawsuit was dismissed after the cover up and collusion developed where the AG of NY took over and decided to dismiss my lawsuit and receive bribes and start a secret discovery process without acknowledging any wrongdoing. During this suit I started to be covertly harassed and monitored by several covert police groups as is the case presently.

Discovered that my CICP claim was being federally obstructed through the deletion of records in my electronic medical record. Filed lawsuit in federal court pro Se again. Currently they are performing covert harassment through various means and inserting of construction teams and other methods. 1:22-cv-07511. I expect to be ignored again and disregarded.

What would you like others to know?

I would like them to understand that this is an ongoing experiment against veterans who trusted their government and that this government is deliberately censoring and obstructing cicp claims to limit liabilities and defraud the American people of over a billion dollars.

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