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H.C. – Louisiana

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I'm a healthy 50 year old male who practices Tai Chi and Chi Kung which gives one robust health. A few days after Mardi Gras ended in 2020 I contracted covid and was better a few day's later. Loosing sense of smell and taste for a week or more was strange.. Natural recovery = strong immune system. Fast forward one year plus. With all the mounting pressure to get the vax from every side I was hesitant and scared but got 1sf Pfizer 8/18/21. 5 hour's later I could barely lift my arm, by bedtime it was a challenge to get in bed much less roll over. Next day same; along with full body stiffness and soreness and exhausted feeling. 3rd day all the same as mentioned; the brain fog started along with flu like symptoms and brain splitting headaches. This lasted about 2 weeks. 3rd week the previous reactions started to wean then came the intense swelling and soreness of joints in arm and shoulder all the way to finger joints. It hurt to try and make a fist, the tightness was concerning. This lasted a week along with tightness in scapula, upper back and neck. Other issues were exhaustion, iratability, inability to focus. By now it's been more than a month of reactions then arm at injection site started to burn. I called pcp and was told to go to ER. Next day same burning and soreness from neck to fingers. I went to ER, explained all the symptoms, mentioned that my symptoms were reported to Vaers, the nurses shut me down immediately and said "" what you're explaining has nothing to do from the shot"" looked at arm and said arm looks fine then discharged me without being able to see a doctor. What happened thereafter is another story. People reading this, share your story with all investigative journalists in your area.

-K.C. - Louisiana"

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