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Vaccine Injury of Hurshi Rajaram

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I’m 37 live by myself with my pug and no family. Although I was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and it made me dependent on a walker, it was only mild. I used to thank God all the time that I didn’t have the issues most doctors thought I would have when I was a baby. They all said I’d be wheelchair, deaf, mentally challenged, have a speech impediment and never be able to live independently. They were so wrong! The only thing I struggle with was getting around because I can’t drive but that’s been no biggie up until this point.

I loved cooking, playing video games, working out, playing with my pug, and going on adventures and I was confident in who God made me to be even on my worst days. Now, doing much or anything for too long is a struggle and I pay for it later often by not being able to do much of anything at all the next few days. I spend most of my time trying to meditate and praying things will turn out in my favor.

I enjoyed my line of work. Helping people with their loan concerns, I’m getting back to being a fast talker and thinker. I had the thorough depth understanding and quick wits to do whatever tasks were presented to me well and above most. Prior to working under my abusive supervisor Jose Cedeno, whom I only worked under for just over 4 months (of my near 3 years time there) with multiple issues within the first 2 weeks such as, his hot and cold micro-management style. From 6/2021-10/2021 the last supervisor I had put me through so much hell and I really hated my job by the end. He knowingly laughed at kill threats made by another team member, violated my ADA rights and constantly harassed me about my performance. It wasn't just harrassment, it was abuse, mental and emotional abuse taking place at my work. When I reported things to upper management within headquarters NOTHING was done. May I also point out that this was also reported during a training for diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI). Which is supposed to be about protecting people of more exclusive classes from mistreatment like this, or so it was pushed like that. I happen to be German and East Indian, have Cerebral Palsy, and identify as a lesbian. I felt good about reporting the issues that were happening. After all, "If you see something, say something." Right? Wrong! Still, NOTHING was done. I was forced to remain working under that supervisor and to this day, both he and the team member that made the kill threats still work for the company. My abuse was covered up by PHEAA, still to this day. To make matters worse, on 3/1/22 my very abuser was the one that signed off on my termination letter just 39 days before what would've been my 3-year anniversary with the company.

I also have since reported them to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and even tried going through the ADA to fight back and they did nothing to go to bat for me. Not once was I ever compensated by PHEAA or followed up on by upper management about the real issues. They all just said that due to legal technicalities, there's nothing for me to be compensated for while blaming it all on the mandate.

Had I not been getting harassed further and fearing not only for my life and the lives of others but also further retaliation from what I had already been able to prove, I never would’ve gotten the vaccine. The company PHEAA is only contracted by the federal government and their business is (supposedly) STUDENT LOANS where most people work from home. However, they are NOT the federal government. As most people know Biden’s order for federal contractors to be vaccinated across the board was struck down. So, had I pushed back (which I would’ve done) just 9 weeks more, I never would’ve had to get vaccinated. Thus, I would’ve never been in this position. However, executive order or not, I was being mistreated by my boss well before the last vaccine push and did everything in my power to get away.
I’m no longer going to be able to see the medical or corporate world the same ever again. No more benefit of the doubt!

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Within 10-15 minutes after getting the vaccine I had trouble breathing and began wheezing. My mind also started to go and become foggy along with not being able to speak outside of sounding like I had a severe speech impediment. I spent 5 days in ER/hospital trying to relearn basic speech and motor skills. I suffered from weakness and constantly being tired, pains and twitches of my muscles (not CP related), I now have issues with my muscles may feel cold but my nerves feel as if they’re burning, I had a vibration on the left side of my head wrapping all the way around the back, tinnitus in left ear ,extreme head pressure and vomiting spells, and still have numbness and tingling in limbs, increased blurred vision (I wear contacts), I had abdominal pain, extreme sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells, dizzy spells, short term memory loss, vomiting, I still have heart issues, hair loss, tooth decay and overall weaknesses and neuropathy, nearly everywhere from right above my breasts down.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Tell your story unapologetically! Don't let anyone add or take away from what happened to YOU!

Which solutions were not helpful?

Being told and/or treated like, just get over it, find another job. Oh, me too because of the mandate or COVID. Being told to "get help" when you know you've done everything in your power to do just that and you're either ignored, gaslighted or not taken seriously.

Trust me, I started trying to "get help" when I was attempting to get away from my abusive boss, but it didn't work.

What would you like others to know?

Workplace abuse is REAL and it was NOT the mandate that pushed me to get the vaccine. It would be helpful for people to realize that not everyone got the vaccine for the same reasons.
For me, it was NOT the mandate, it was NOT due to COVID or to "protect" anyone.
I WAS EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY ABUSED BY MY BOSS, reported it to management and HR, was FORCED to STILL work under my abuser with management well aware.
I was seriously trying to get away from my boss. There were other stories (similar to mine) that the company was aware of.

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