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J.B. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I am a 59 year old female and I live in CA. I got my first dose of Moderna on 2/17/2021. Within 20 minutes my face was tingling and numb. My neck felt like I was in a car accident. A dull headache set in within the hour. I was told by the Medical Director at the vaccine site that’s was an unusual reaction and it should go away in 24-48 hours.

Today, I still have those symptoms. My face is still completely numb. I have pressure on my sinuses which make it hard to breathe. In addition, I have aches in my finger joints and sporadic body pain. I have electrical like shooting pain at times. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. Also pain in my feet at times makes it unbearable to walk. Some dull lower back pain. I have had brain fog at times and can’t think clearly. I am not sure if this from the continual dull pain in the head or neck.

I had two weeks of migraine headaches with blurred vision and light sensitivity. I treated it with Acupuncture and peppermint oil and had success. Now I just get a dull pain that starts at the forehead and spreads to my neck.

I have not had any relief from the continual facial numbing. It feels like the dull numb after having novacane or if you are out side in freezing cold weather too long. The tingling migrates at times to include my full head, sometimes the chest area and arms. I have tried acupuncture, massage and infrared treatments. I have seen an Allergist and Neurologist for this. All don’t know how to treat me.

My General Practitioner is at odds of what to do to treat me. She knows I have never experienced these symptoms until my vaccination.

I am 9 years post menopause. I have had two full on (last 5 days, heavy blood and clotting) periods since the vaccine. I have had a pelvic ultrasound and biopsy. I have a small benign pus polyp, but doctor doesn’t believe that could cause this.

I filed a report with VAERS. CDC text weekly for an update. I have never received any response from CDC regarding the VAERS report or the weekly updates I send to them. I also called Moderna within days of the vaccination. They really didn’t offer much. They said they can’t give medical advice. But she did stress several times that people with severe reactions shouldn’t get the second dose and what I experienced was a severe reaction. Two and half months later Moderna has sent a follow up email. I replied and have not heard back from them.

I take Magnesium, Zinc, B complex, C, D, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric daily. Most of these I was taking before the vaccine for boosting immunity and I added B complex per my General Practitioner, after the vaccination. I also take Zyrtec fir hives and allergies.

My previous health issues before the vaccination and currently are mostly hormone related. I have Hypothyroidism and I am treated with a low dose of Levothyroxin. I have suffered from hives when my thyroid is not regulated properly. I use a Estradiol patch twice weekly.

I once reacted to the Sulfa drug and had hives from it. Other that Sulfa, I am not aware of any drug allergies.

When I received the shingles vaccination I had a rash and a bad headache for a few days. I haven’t had reactions to the flu vaccine.

-JB - California"

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