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J.B. – Pennsylvania

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Entry Date: 6/27/21

First and foremost I've worked in healthcare for 20 years, I've gotten every vaccine needed. I've never had an issue. I've had MS for 25 years, I've been pretty active. I walked every morning before work' I walk a mile on my lunch break and every evening when I got home up at the local park. I went to my neurologist once a year, I went to my PCP once a year. I received my first shot January 19th, no issues. The second shot was February 10th. I was fine until the following evening, where I awoke to go to the bathroom, got dizzy and fell to the floor. I proceeded to lay there until my husband came and to help me out. I had a fever chills and very lethargic. I went back to bed, got up and signed into work, I am working from home due to covid remote work. Worked for 3 hours, and had to leave to go to bed. This was the first time I have ever called out of work. I have been with my company for 20 years. I have had a chronic disease for 25 years and have never been late or called out of work. I get the covid vaccine and could not function. Ever since the second shot, I now use a walker. I can't do more than 3,000 steps a day because my legs are just buckling. I have no bladder control, and my heart rate is at 120 and I'm sitting down. I told my neurologist this is not my MS, this is due to the shot. She disagreed and ordered mris. My MRIs have been clear for the last 12 years. And surprise surprise they still are. When you have a disease for 25 years you know what to expect, and what I'm experiencing now is not MS. Going back to my PCP tomorrow again, maybe she'll listen this time. I now see a physiatrist, he is the only one that thought it could be due to the shot. It is so frustrating when you had a prior diagnosis that everything I'm experiencing now is just under that umbrella. No one wants to believe this is not the disease, I know it's not.

Thank you for doing all that you're doing. We will be heard

J.B. -Pennsylvania

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