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J.G – Oregon

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


​I work at a medical callcenter, answering when people call to schedule an appointment with their doctor. Roughly, there are 200 call agents at our center. I speak with approximately 50-60 people a day. On average I speak with 1-3 people a day who claim they are having serious side effects from the vaccine.

The most common complaint I hear is extreme pain, numbness and tingling in one or both arms and/or legs. Other common complaints have been bladder infection that don't respond to antibiotics, swollen testicles, mental haze, lack of emotion, intense headaches, ringing in the ears, strokes, extremely heavy menstrual cycles, tremors and shakes, diminished fine motor skills, bleeding from the penis and all over unexplained body pain.

I have only asked two of my coworkers if they are hearing the same complaints I am as questioning the vaccine is frowned upon and I can't afford to get fired. Both agreed with between 1-3 a day is the current frequency and the most common side effects we hear are those listed above. That number has been increasing in frequency and intensity of complaint over the past two months.

It's important to note that we are not told to ask the callers if they received the vaccine. I think these numbers would be much higher if we did.

​J.G. - Oregon

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