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J.S. – Texas

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



On 2/2 I took the Moderna shot. Only 1.....and I have not been healthy since. I have been battling balance issues-at one point using a walker for weeks-and I still cannot walk without help and I cannot drive. I have constant tingling in my face, arms, hands, legs, and feet. I have migraine like headaches, constant fatigue, flashing in my left eye, nausea, and brain fog. I have electric shocks in my body. I have trouble sleeping. I have chest and abdomen pain. I have spent so much time and money going to doctors and specialists. I was hospitalized for 2 days. Been to the ER twice. I have tried IV therapy and so many different drugs and supplements. I was taking 60 pills a day a one point trying to get better. I had CT scans and a brain/ spine MRI and still no one knows what is happening to me or why. My primary doctor finally told me there is nothing more she can offer me. So I am trying a new type of doctor which may or may not be covered by insurance.

This all started within 30 minutes of taking the shot. And no-one so far has been able to help me. The “free” shot has cost me thousands of dollars and I am now on FMLA(working 4 hours a day)because too much computer time makes my symptoms worse. I am not saying any of this for sympathy or pity. I am letting you know about my situation because I am not the only one like me.....And that pressuring your friends, family, strangers and neighbors to get the shot has to stop. Whether you get it or don’t, it is your choice just know if you have a severe reaction like I did, you may find the medical community has their hands tied and information on how to help us is being silenced or does not exist. Or you could have a doctor that says it could not be the shot and it must be coincidence. Educate yourself....I wish I had researched more before taking the “free” shot.

I realize I could be attacked for posting this but we have to speak out and tell the truth. At one point I wrote out my instructions because I was sure that night I would die. And some days I still feel like it could be my last.

Before I took the vaccine I was fine. I could run, I could drive, I was smart, I was happy. The vaccine has taken all of that and more.

-J.S. Texas"

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