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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I received my first Pfizer shot on 3/13, immediately after I got the shot, face lips and chin and cheeks started tingling. The medics there said it was “normal” to have some tingling. I went home, that night, my left arm went completely numb and weak and was tingling. Inside my head felt like it was burning and tingling. I figured that was part of the “headache” that they tell you about. Since I didn’t recognize my symptoms as symptoms that were to be expected (I didn’t think anything of them) and than the next day, I got my period which was super heavy and was on day 14 of my cycle. I had just had a period earlier in the month. Again, I figured the shot maybe triggered it and that was okay. Than I started having shortness of breath and once again (since this was not listed as a symptom for my knowledge) I thought it was because I am anemic and I am bleeding a lot. This was an abnormal period because it was even more bleeding than I was used to for a full 8 days. The next two weeks were some leg and arm burning and tingling and my thighs burning and tingling and twitching. Again, I didn’t realize this was from the vaccine. I went to get my 2nd dose on 4/3 and 4 hours later, my left leg went completely numb and I had a “drop foot” feeling. I still had the shortness of breath and my heart was racing. Like an adrenaline feeling. I went to ER, they did bloodwork, MRI, Chest X-ray and sent me home. My symptoms got worst and it landed me back in ER another 3 times. 4 times total in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I was not able to sleep. I had severe insomnia. My heart was racing. My blood pressure was super low (I am typically low but this was lower than normal), the doctors at ER were dismissive to all of my symptoms. They said “even if it’s from the vaccine, we don’t know how to treat it”. I am now at 2 months post vaccine and still having major burning in my head on the sides, weakness and numbness in my left leg, left arm and the left side of my face. I have the Brian fog and have to focus to read and talk. I have had my mouth, my tongue go numb to the point where I am scared to eat or drink because I can’t feel it. I still have shortness of breath. I keep thinking my face is going to drop on the left side because of the sensations and weakness. I have been to a neurologist, cardiologist, Pulmonologist and no one knows enough about the symptoms or vaccine to help me. I feel all alone on a island with all of these symptoms. I am only 44 with 2 young kids under 10 and I need help to get healthy for them. I am so upset that these symptoms were known about in the clinical trials and they were not disclosed to the public to make an informed decision. I am so worried that I will develop long term nerve damage or immune disorder. My autonomic nervous system has been affected and I can’t even be around my kids because the smallest “stress” makes my leg and arm and face to tingle and go numb and my brain automatically gets zapped mad I can’t breath. This has been a nightmare and we need your help!!!


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