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J.W. – Texas

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/23/21

I am a healthy 41 year old who was never diagnosed with Covid. I am a nurse, but not currently working, so I did not get the vaccine right away and decided to wait until all front line workers and high risk populations had a chance to get it. On the morning of April 14th, I received my first dose of pfizer. On the evening of April 16th, I was out with friends and began to develop an itchy rash on my neck. I thought it was from my mask, but then my abdomen starting itching. I took some antihistamines, but by the time I woke up on Saturday, the affected areas spread. I developed welts and lesions that blistered and oozed fluid. My abdomen, chest, groin, neck and arms, were covered in it. They were extremely painful, burning sensation. I saw multiple doctors who all prescribed meds, but had no idea how to treat it bc of the lack of information. I called Pfizer and reported to Vaers, but got no help. The affected areas continued to spread and did not heal until mid June. Since then, I continue to have flares where my arms or feet will suddenly swell up, ur extremely itching, hot to the touch and painful. I still have not been able to get any help from any doctors.

J.W. - Texas

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