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Vaccine Injury of Jeana Scott

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My name is Jeana Scott and I would like to share with you my story. I was born in Seattle and raised in Washington State. It is my home. I raised my family here and have friends here. My life exists in Washington State. I enjoy the beauty of my home and frequently go out in the nature of my home to play and enjoy life. One of my most favorite places to be is at the beach. The beach has always been part of my life. It is where I connect to my Creator in my Earthly home. I enjoy flying my kite at the beach often. I enjoy the freedom of being in nature. I enjoy fishing for Salmon and Steelhead from local rivers, lakes, and other Puget Sound waters. I enjoy the times I spent hiking steep river canyons in pursuit of giant fish. I enjoy what gifts nature bestows upon me.

And then, Covid came to Seattle. And it change my life forever. The Government trampled on and restricted my rights, my God given and Constitutionally protected rights to my Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness in multiple ways. The Government attempted to lock me down in my home. The Government gave me orders in which to tell me what I could and could not do. The Government placed cement blockades on public beach access points to block access for my vehicle from entering the beach even in the cold winter time. The Government then issued Vaccine mandates. Basically, the Government issued a mandate, if you want to work in this State you will get the Vaccine and employers followed suit. The Government trampled on and restricted my rights, to my life, to freely exercise, my pursuit of happiness, and my Liberty, as a fellow Citizen of this great nation the United States of America.

As lock downs were ending, I was then forced with the grave reality of taking an injection that I avoided taking for two years because my gut was telling me not to, its not safe, and don't do it. I believed my body and immune system would protect me. I led a fairly healthy active lifestyle. Now, it was time to get back to work either with the mandated injection, or without the mandated injection, or not be hired by an employer in this State.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

August 20, 2021, I reluctantly and having anxiety over the issue, with my guts on fire and my body shaking, I went to the Pharmacy and signed the Covid Vaccine Document, “Under Duress of the Government,” and “for my fellow Americans,” and signed my name. I received the first Covid Vaccine with no issue but a slight pinch in my right arm. And life for me continued on with no issues from that Vaccine.

September 12, 2021, with anxiety, and intuitive feelings of something not being right, trembling with fear, I received the second injection of the Covid Vaccine from Pfizer. And that is the day my life changed forever. I received the Pfizer Covid Vaccine injection number 2 and this is what happened to me;

Within a short amount of time I felt a bit off balance, a slight dizzy feeling, like something was affecting my brain.

Within the 2nd and 3rd hour I knew something was very wrong. I felt sick, almost flu like, but worse. I felt pain inside my neck, which was odd. I experienced achiness and pain in my bones, legs, arms, spine, and muscles of my back. Then came the fever.

By the fifth hour post injection, I went to bed with mild flu like symptoms but increasingly getting worse. I was experiencing pain in odd and unusual places, like inside my neck. The effects of the second injection were beginning to to increase at that point. I was not able to sleep and was in a lot of pain worse than flu like symptoms and became extremely temperature intolerant, which I thought may have been from the fever. However, it was a very odd and extreme temperature intolerance that I was unfamiliar with.

During the next phase, 12 hours, post vaccine injection #2 was horrible. The bones of my spine, neck, and hip were in extreme pain. A bone pain like I have never experienced. My neck, the inner part of my neck and bones were in extreme amount of pain. My neck was stiff and swollen from the inside. I felt this firey pain affecting my brain. My lower brain and brain stem were being effected by the 2nd injection. I felt a fluid appear in my inner neck and head area and it felt and sounded like rice crispies. I was in enormous amounts of pain. I felt like my head and neck were going to just burst from pressure and pain.

Post injection effect was that I could not open my eyes to see. I did not have the ability to open my eyes. Eventually, when I was able to open my eyes to see what I saw were bright lights. I could not think about anything either. I could not think to open my eyes, I could not think to sit up, I could not think to move. I believed that my brain and my Central Nervous System were under attack from the injection.

Post injection effect was it caused a significant problem in my hip. The injection caused me so much pain I could not even move to sit up, let alone move my legs to walk. I was not able to move my hip joint because I was in a severe amount of pain, and my hip joint was swollen and stiff.

For days, post injection #2, I lay there on my couch, feeling like I was dying. The only thin I could do was lay there, moan, and cry out to God in prayer to save my life. And He did, I survived.

Over the next several weeks, I tried to recover my faculties and functions because I needed to get back working. I can honestly say that I tried.

Post injection, I struggled with things I could do normally, every day tasks. My brain and body were affected and I could tell the difference. The difference between who I was prior to the vaccine injection and who I was after the vaccine injection. Post Vaccine, my neck and my spine have been severely damaged by the effects of that vaccine and continue to deteriorate because of it. I now have a curve in my spine. Post Vaccine, I am dealing with several additional effects as follows; Neuropathy, Fatigue, Exercise Exhaustion, Limb Weakness, Muscle Weakness, Muscle Loss, Parathesis, Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Memory Loss, Auto Immunity Issues, Extreme Pain and Extreme Spasms in neck and spine areas, Muscle & Joint Pain, Heart Palpitations, GI Issues, Food Allergy, Vision Issues, Sleep Issues, Inflammation, and severe Psychiatric issues. The worsening of Psychiatric issues I believe were caused by the injection attacking my Central Nervous System. I also believe the fluid that appeared in my inner neck and head area of the inner brain stem and lower brain area, and is absolutely related to that vaccine injection. I also believe the vaccine injection has caused the deterioration of my bones and spinal structure. I believe that vaccine injection injured me and caused me severe and significant harm, and has ultimately disabled me.

Post injection #2, I have had Covid 19 three times, confirmed via test, and reported to my doctor. The effects of the vaccine are even worse. The Nuerological effects have worsened, eyesight changes, no sense of smell. My spine is degenerating in function. I now have a problem with my hip, warping of my spine to the left, and degeneration of my cervical spine in my neck. Post Pfizer Covid Vaccine Injection #2.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors not listening at all. Doctors and others Gaslighting this experience. No one helping me navigate through this process, it can be extremely overwhelming. Not having health insurance coverage or an income does not help.

What would you like others to know?

The me prior to the vaccine injection, is very different from the me after the vaccine injection.

I did not deserve this, and neither did you.

Remember who you are, and fight.

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