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K.M. – Florida

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I am 37 years old, female, no previous health issues. Very active, 2 weeks after my first Moderna vaccine I noticed a twitch in my arms (both). Didn't contribute it to the vaccine. Received my 2nd as planned. Two weeks after my 2nd Moderna my calf started to twitch, Since that day -8 weeks ago- I've had tremors/twitches throughout my body. Some days are better than others but I cant seem to correlate them with anything. Ive seen my GP 4 times she's done a plethora of labs, everything normal. She swears its anxiety even tho admittedly neuro issues are a side effect. I've tried every supplement imaginable and now B12 injections. I was borderline low on B12 which maybe is the reason (I hope) oddly enough my annual physical was in March, 6 weeks before the vacs and labs were normal. Best case scenario the Vac causes electrolytes to go out of whack?

Essentially Ive been overtaken with anxiety due to these twitches/tremors. Its hard to not worry about serious life altering neuro diseases when every minute my muscles are moving without me asking them too. I can still function but it was hard in the beginning. Anxiety is awful, Im trying to not go SSRIs/anxiety meds but thus far I cant seem to find relief.

-K.M. - Florida"

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