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Vaccine Injury of Kristy Michelle Keirsey

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was the happiest I had ever been in my life, as well as the healthiest. I was running marathons, fixing to get married, just bought a new house, was working two jobs.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I had Covid in November of 2020 and was released back to work on 12/7/2020. I was given first vaccine on 12/23/2020 and my second on 1/21/2021, which resulted in a severe allergic reaction that caused my blood pressure to go through the roof and my pulse, as well as caused dizziness, chest tightness, and throat tightness just as one would have with anaphylaxis. I was taken to urgent care until stable. I was losing a lot of hair and started having muscle weakness that would come and go. I then started having inflammatory attacks on my right lung and it seemed as if it was not expanding. I also started crying uncontrollably, and this was before I knew enough to be depressed. After these attacks started, I then became permanently weak. It was then discovered that I had low IgG levels. At this point, I was so sick and pale I looked green. My eyes were so black, I was doing everything I could to cover up with makeup the fact that I looked like I was dying. I think I was dying. I was started on IgG infusions once a week and this is still currently ongoing. I developed arthritis in almost every joint in my body, as well as my knees started giving out on me. Mind you, I was running marathons prior. On film, it looks as if I have osteoarthritis, but I do not know anybody that develops knots all over their body that quickly from normal wear and tear arthritis like I have been told. I never had this before. I have knots in all of my finger and toe joints that are painful to touch. I also had a positive ANA and elevated sed rate that continues to go up and down. I have tingling in my lower spine and pains that shoot down my legs and my calve muscles twitch all of the time. I then started having problems with my eyes and vision and found out that I also had optic neuritis and since January 2023, I am in glasses. Perfect vision before. I also have numerous floaters in my left eye. I have symptoms of MCAS, dysautonomia, sexual dysfunction, and lack of deep sleep. The most debilitating thing for me, although they are all debilitating, is the lack of ability to control my emotions as far as crying is concerned. I just got into a neurologist who is studying my case prior to doing more testing, but when I questioned him as to whether this was a neurological disease or immune, he told me that it was an immune-mediated neurological disease stemming from what happened to my immune system, but I am still pending diagnosis of what immune-mediated neurological disease I have pending further review of my case.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

The only thing that has helped me, at all, is low-dose naltrexone. It doesn't eliminate what is going on in my body, but the pain is much more tolerable, to where I can function a little better. It has also helped me with regulating my emotions. I ran out of it for 4 days and it was like night and day the difference in me. I went back to crying nonstop and in so much pain it hurt to walk. It definitely is doing something, I just am not sure what. If I do not have antihistamines, I am in trouble as well.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Mean, nasty medical providers that try to convince you you are crazy and it is all made up. The amount of this that has taken place with me is disturbing and has affected me severely mentally, as well as physically. The lack of education to providers, as well as the general public is shameful, and causes even more pain for us because we are called liars, fakes, fired due to our disabilities, and we have nowhere to go for help. I am on 3 years of this and when I tell you I have contacted everybody and their brother for help, this is an understatement. No attorney, no doctor, no government official, NOBODY to help us. This is causing loss of careers, lack of compensation for our injuries, lack of help from the government with disability. Honestly, it is all to much for any one person to bear. We have no way out. We are stuck with injuries inflicted on us with no person responsible for taking away our lives, livelihoods, careers, and families.

What would you like others to know?

Be persistent with what you are fighting for! Do not give up. I want to give up so bad, but it is not an option. Our job as vaccine injured is to promote awareness and save as many other people as we can. Employers, as well as the government will continue to take advantage of our situation and throw us to the way side like trash! That has to stop!! Nobody deserves to lose their health, their career, and their livelihoods all at once and that is exactly what has happened to me, as well as many others. We have no way to prove our injuries, so we suffer immensely at the hands of these people. Most awful terrible situation I have ever seen in my entire life and I pray every day those responsible are held accountable for all the lives lost and all those like myself that have chronic life altering health conditions with nowhere to turn for guidance or help. There is no worse place to be in than that of the vaccine injured who is suffering from illness, but also having to stand up and fight for everything when they do not have it in them to fight. Stay Strong!!! It is hard to accept the fact that despite what you do or who you go to we have no control over what happens to our lives. Doctors have to confirm our illnesses, which leads to my point, they aren't confirming our illnesses leading to mass suffering mentally, physically, in the work place, and in our personal relationships. This is being allowed to happen. We all have to stand together!

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