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Vaccine Injury of Lance Varin

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Life was great, I was a very active person. I golfed and walked the golf course 4 times a week, skied 3 times a week in the summer time and was a full time bartender that loved life, traveling and having fun.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I was vaccinated on December 18th 2021 after going for a checkup with my primary care physician. I had covid already and was fine but during my visit he somehow convinced me that I needed to get a vaccine. Worst mistake of my life. So I went to a vaccine site and recieved a dose of the pfizer vaccine. Unfortunately I did not recieve the first or second shot I was administered the booster. When I asked why they gave me the booster I was told "because that's the one you needed" Not long after that I started to get a rash that went all over my body and felt ill for weeks. When I went to the Dr to show him the rash and let him know whats going on he completely dismissed it and said it was nothing and I had nothing to worry about. I knew there was a serious problem but that was just the begging of all the lies and cover up. About 6 months later in June, I woke up with horrible pains in my abdomen and went to the hospital. I pasted out in waiting room and after all the test and spending 4 days in the hospital and having been put under to have a camera go into my stomach and lungs I was told there is nothing wrong with me. I continued to live my life but never felt right. I was tired all the time and just never felt the same. A fee months went by and thought I was getting better and then in October/November I really started to have issues. I was hiking and started to feel like I was going to pass out and my heart would start racing and becaue I had brain surgery when I was 21 I thought I was having a seizure which I haven't had in years. I did not take medication or anything. I was a healthy person who did not drink, do drugs or anything that would put my health in jeopardy. So I went to an emergency room, they did a ekg and CT scan of my head. Told me that they thought I might of had a seizure but they did not know. They said I should be on seizure medication so I started taking Keppra 500mg 2x a day. A few weeks go by and I notice that my eyes were always twitching and my head kept shaking. I never felt right. I ended up having another episode where my heart started racing and felt a weird aura again. End up in the emergency room again and they tell me I need a higher dose of seizure med. So they up me to 750mg 2x a day. I try to explain once again that I feel that something isn't right and I've been dealing with problems since I have been vaccinated. They look at me and tell me that that is impossible and try to convince me that I'm fine and I need to see a neurologist. So on the wait list I go for that. Come ski season I noticed that my heart would start beating crazy and I would have to stop. I ended up seeing a cardiologist and having a heart monitor put on me but they once again tried to convince me there was nothing wrong with me. I finally get to see a neurologist and after a mri they tell me that I'm fine. I told them that something is definitely wrong with me and explain to them that I've been dealing with issues after issue since I received that shot. Once again they tell me that's impossible. Came April 2023 I end up in a hospital again because my heart would keep racing and would not stop. After a few hours and another CT scan and ekg they try to tell me I had a seizure. I kept going to doctor after doctor and trying to find out why I was so tired, my body hurt and I kept having all this pain and pressure innmy head that would never go away. I would tell them that it feels like water went up into my head and I'm constantly stuck on a airplane. I also explained to them that anytime I tried to exert energy it feels like all the blood is rushing to my head and it gets so hot and I feel like I'm going to pass out. Come August 2023 I would have to stop working because i could no longer bartend without my heart racing or feeling like I was going to pass out. By then my legs constantly felt so sore and heavy. I found myself just so tired and not able to really get up and do things any more. Then in October I end up back in the hospital because I passed out and they kept me for 4 days because I had high traponin levels. My blood pressure was so high and as a result they put me on blood pressure medication. Went to cardiologist and once again a heart monitor was put on me. After 30 days of that on me they tried to tell me once again that nothing wa wrong with me and maybe I was having anxiety. I told them they are lying and trying to cover up what's really going on. A Mont after that in November I end up back in the hospital on November 7th. I was shaking and my heart rate was abnormal and blood pressure was extremely high again. After another ekg and CT scan of my head they release me. 2 days later the ER dr called me and told me to come back because she thinks something is really wrong with me. I go back 2 days later and have more blood work done and they explain to me everything that is wrong with my blood work and that my CT scan showed that I had some issues. The Dr wrote down everything that was off and told me to take this with me everytime I go to Dr. I was prescribed another medication to help with my blood pressure. Since then I have had a spinal tap and seen another cardiologist and neurologist but nobody is willing to address any of the issues. I continue to beg for help but the doors keep getting slammed in my face. I need help and everyday is worse then the last. I'm and constantly light headed and dizzy, my legs hurt so bad and my thighs are swollen. My heart is always beating erratically, blood pressure is always high. My hands and feet constantly go numb and I'm nauseous all the time. I constantly shake and feel staticky in my head with so much pain and pressure that never goes away. I'm in need of serious help but do not know where to go. Becaue the Dr's around here aren't willing to help the vaccine injured. It feels like they just want you to die and I'm not ready to give up!! Please help

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I haven't found anything that works, I've tried so many vitamins and ordered so many different things off the internet like spike protein support and heart support or anything that I could try. Nothing gives me relief or relieves my symptoms or stops it from getting worse.

What would you like others to know?

If you are vaccine injured nobody in the medical field is willing to help you. I don't have social media and I live in a area without great medical choices. I'm willing to go anywhere for help.

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