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M.M. – Wisconsin

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I received my first Moderna vaccine on 1/6/21 with no noticeable side effects, besides the expected arm pain. I received my second dose on 2/4/21, again with minimal side effects in the following couple of days.

A week after my second dose I became very fatigued. Within a few days of that I began experiencing moderate to severe body pain in my legs, arms, shoulders, hands and feet. Sometimes I even felt abdominal and chest pain. I was seen at and urgent care clinic on 2/19 and told it was likely side effects from the vaccine and to use OTC pain relievers.

The pain continued with no relief from OTC medications. A week later my PCP ran labs, at my request, which showed an elevated SED rate, some elevated liver and kidney tests. Labs were repeated two weeks later and had normalized, but the pain continued.

I saw my PCP two weeks or so later. No pain in ""tender points"" typical of fibromyalgia upon exam, in fact, the pain I was experiencing did not seem to worsen with touch or pressure. RA factor and C reactive protein labs were normal.

It has now been 6 months since my second dose and I continue to suffer moderate to severe body pain, always in my legs, but sometimes in the previously mentioned locations. I also experience some occasional tingling in my feet. In recent weeks I have also begun to feel stiffness in my lower body and hands when I wake up.

I had Fioricet with Codeine for migraines which I have been taking for pain relief. I do not get the same relief from Tramadol or Tylenol #3. My assumption is that the barbiturate in the Fioricet is providing pain relief the other medications don't. I am assuming it is nerve pain so requested gabapentin from my PCP, which was started at a low dose of 100 mg TID. I then saw the neurologist who increased it to 600 mg TID. I can only tolerate 300 mg BID with 600 mg QHS due to lightheadedness and some issues with vision. I would not be able to function for work during the day with those side effects. He also recommended Cymbalta or Savella. I have past experience taking Cymbalta for depression and cannot tolerate the side effects. I was holding off on Savella hoping that gabapentin would provide relief. The cost of Savella is prohibitive and I am concerned about further side effects. As it is, I am struggling to make it through the workday and am typically unable to accomplish much after work due to fatigue, likely due to medication. I have an EMG scheduled on my legs later this month. I was also seen by the rheumatologist and am awaiting results from a more comprehensive blood panel, but what has returned to this point is all within normal range.

At this point I am feeling pretty hopeless and concerned that my decision to take the vaccine was life changing.

I would be very reluctant to have a booster given what I am experiencing.

I did not have any chronic medical issues, except GERD and occasional migraines, prior to being vaccinated. I do have a history of depression and anxiety but had been off of my medications for a good deal of time, and was doing well, prior to this. I am not experiencing any symptoms of depression or anxiety at this time, other than the situational hopelessness due to the ongoing pain.

I did make a report to VAERS.

-M.M. - Wisconsin"

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