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Vaccine Injury of Mark Hendsbee

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

No pain in shoulders, able to use upper body 100%. I could sleep and rest comfortably, without pain in shoulders, back, chest, neck or head. No spasms, no shoulder related headaches. I could painlessly screw in lightbulbs and work over my head. I could safely climb and depend on my shoulders and arms to support my weight

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

In April of 2021 I received the first two covid vaccines on separate dates. This was uneventful. I received the shots in my left deltoid and there was no pain. No repercussions, aching, burning etc. On November 19th 2021 at 4 pm I went to my appointment at Walgreens on W Dimond Blvd in Anchorage AK. After signing many forms, and a long wait I was finally brought into a private room. The pharmacist did not speak to me and seemed nervous. I rolled up my sleeve and waited for the shot. I felt an intense burning- like a red hot knife going into my shoulder. In a reaction I looked at the needle- to my shock it was not in my deltoid but well in back of the arm- going towards the shoulder blade/back of body. The needle likely went directly into my shoulder joint or into bone. I went home, in pain. The shoulder ached, throbbed and burned. The next day was worse. Every proceeding day was worse. The shoulder and arm inflamed. The injury kicked off my underlying neurological illness CRPS and Immunological illness MCAS. I was sick, and in intense pain. I just kept thinking it would have to get better. 10 days or so later I woke one morning and had a severe shooting pain in my shoulder and arm when I attempted to move my shoulder. My shoulder was freezing up! I made an appointment with my primary care provider who referred me to physical therapy. I participated in PT for many months, even to this day. Eventually I received a MRI which showed a torn labrum. I received 2 or 3 epidural injections for the pain which helped temporarily but the pain came back. My main Physical Therapist told me that it appeared to be SIRVA and he had seen several people with shoulder problems since the Covid Vaccines came out.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Massage/PT, ice, CBD, epidural (temporarily), NSAID, Salt bath

Which solutions were not helpful?

Overuse, sleep position

What would you like others to know?

Be selective WHERE you get your vaccine!! Walgreens not a good option. Get your shots from a Doctor or a physician who does this everyday, not a first year pharmacy tech welding a sharp weapon

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