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Vaccine Injury of Michelle Matar

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Before the injury, my life followed a rhythm that felt like second nature. A typical day involved immersing myself in the hustle and bustle of a full-time job, which required a daily commute of 30 minutes to an hour each way. My workplace was a haven where I shared my passion for sports with children, and the experience was nothing short of wonderful. Teaching sports brought me immense joy and fulfillment, as I poured my energy into helping young minds thrive through physical activity. The routine was punctuated by a genuine sense of happiness and enthusiasm, making each day a rewarding adventure. Little did I know that an unexpected turn of events would soon alter this familiar landscape, marking the beginning of a challenging journey towards recovery.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

First Vaccine:
Received the initial dose of the vaccine.
Second Vaccine:
Administered the second dose of the vaccine to complete the vaccination series.
1 Week Past 2nd Vaccine:
Experienced a sudden increase in heart rate, reaching an average of 120 beats per minute.
Panic Attacks and Physical Symptoms: (Continuing for 8 months)
Developed symptoms such as panic attacks, trembling, shaking, unease, and fear.
Noted tachycardia (rapid heart rate) as a persistent symptom.
Hospitalized 6 times, once was for a long term stay -- doctor could not determine what was happening with me.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Combination of the following medications daily:
800 mg daily of Hydroxyzine
40 mg beta blocker
5 mg ativan
100 mg gabbapentin

Which solutions were not helpful?

Other medications not listed above, therapy, meditation, I did it all!! Nothing worked

What would you like others to know?

The injury I underwent was truly harrowing. Even after two years, I continue to grapple with both physical and significant mental trauma stemming from my injury. The repercussions were extensive; I lost my job and remained unemployed for several months. The burden of over $8,000 in medical expenses looms over me, presenting a considerable challenge given my already limited income. My disappointment extends to pharmaceutical companies, as I feel let down by their approval of the vaccine without recognizing its potential impact on the masses. I find myself a victim of a situation forced upon me, a decision others encouraged, believing it to be for the greater good, yet it turned my entire life upside down. From being a content, resilient, and vigorous individual contributing to my community by working with children, I've become a prisoner of my own body and mind. The contrast between my previous happy, strong self and my current state is disheartening, and this setback has profoundly altered the trajectory of my life.
I will no longer put something into my body I dont feel comforable with.

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