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N.P. – Alabama

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/16/21

I worked full time and completely healthy before receiving my second Moderna vaccine on March 26 2021. By Easter Sunday I was completely unable to see other than blurred shadows, having tremors & severe headaches, having to get around with the aide of a walker. I've been told I have severe pinkeye, arthritis, neuropathy and a few things in between by ER doctors and sent home because im uninsured. As of now I've had to move in with my daughter, can't see, can only hear on one side, have severe migraines, have tremors and muscle spasms and I'm in a wheelchair due to no mobility at all! Nobody will help me and I'm getting the runaround with everyone who I try to contact for help. Someone tell me what to do if possible.

N.P. - Alabama"

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