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N.S. – Minnesota

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I am a healthy 75 yo woman who took the Moderna shots as advised in March 2021. Experienced severe three day reaction to second shot---heachache, nausea and lethargy. Within a few weeks I was experiencing daily headaches, jaw pain, hair brushing discomfort, sinus congestion and stiff neck. Treated initially as arthritis flair and sinus problems. Stiff neck was attributed to gardening and heavy lifting. Frequent advil and hot packs used without much relief and then experienced loss of vision in right eye--sudden and painless. Seen in ER---sent to opthalmalogist, retinal surgeon and rheumatologist. Diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis. Presently on Prednisone (tapered to 50mg/day) and will start Actemra shots when done. No one I've seen denies the possibility of this being a result of the covid shots. I have had hypothyroidism for decades without any problems.

-N.S. - Minnesota"

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