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Vaccine Injury of Niccolo Conti

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My life before the vaccine was absolutely good, I was in perfect health and without any kind of problem

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

State of well-being until the summer of 2021.
First dose of Pfizer Comirnaty anti-covid19 vaccine (lot: FC3558) on 05/25/2021 with subsequent development of symptoms such as asthenia, migrant atralgia.
Second dose of Pfizer Comirnaty anti-covid19 vaccine (lot: FE2707) on 07/06/2021 and subsequent accentuation of the previous symptoms mentioned and appearance of brain fog, poor ability to concentrate and non-restorative night's rest and daytime drowsiness.
In October 2021 sudden appearance of hyperacusis to medium-high noises, internal ear pain bilaterally, intermittent bilateral tinnitus, treated with steroid therapy with slight attenuation of the symptoms (multiple ENT and audiometric tests were performed and negative results were performed and brain MRI was negative).
Third dose of Moderna anti-covid19 vaccine (lot: 094F21A) on 24 December 2021, a few days after the appearance of intestinal disorders (irregular bowel movements, abdominal pain), treated with lactic ferments and antispasmodics on several occasions without lasting benefits.
Blood chemistry tests performed for inflammatory intestinal diseases, S.O. stool and ultrasound of the abdominal loops were negative.
Appearance at the end of January of burning sensations, skin tingling in the lower limbs and sometimes in the forearms, slightly altered sensation of heat/cold and worsening of the tinnitus which becomes constant and no longer intermittent.
These alternating symptoms continued for months, despite various therapeutic attempts (neurotrophic, steroids and anti-inflammatory).
Rheumatology screening in February 2022 negative result.
Covid infection in March 2022 paucisymptomatic, but subsequent worsening of neurological disorders.
On 20/10/2022 he carried out a telephone consultation with Professor Vicenzo Donadio of the Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna (Complex Operational Unit of Neurological Clinic) in which post-vaccination small fiber neuropathy was hypothesized but currently with the temporary reduction of symptoms he advised against skin biopsy but to perform EMG to exclude involvement of the large fibers which gave a negative result. He advised in case of exacerbation of symptoms to perform a biopsy to diagnose SFN (Small Fiber Neuropathy).
In February 2023, a neurological examination was carried out because the symptoms mentioned above and which remained substantially unchanged were also associated with tremors in the hands, not showing any neurological deficits, the symptoms were linked to a post-vaccination syndrome (Long Vax).
On 21 June 2023 he underwent a skin biopsy on the leg and thigh. This test was positive for small-caliber fiber neuropathy.
Therapy with neurotrophs is recommended which has not resulted in improvement even in the long term.
On 3 October 2023, I consulted in Genoa with Professor Andrea de Maria (Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Genoa Policlinico San Martino) who confirmed that it was a Small Fiber Neuropathy type pathology with an autonomous intestinal component and a predominantly auditory manifestation which arose temporarily in full well-being immediately afterwards and in association with Sars-Cov-2 vaccinations with progressively incremental and additional levels. He prescribes therapy with Lyrica, Zyrtec and axonal which produce a slight improvement in symptoms.
Check-up visit by Professor De Maria at the Infectious Diseases clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa on 01/25/2024 which reconfirms the hearing disorders, joint and tendon pain, intermittent burning paresthesias in the limbs, abdominal disorders from lead to small fiber neuropathy and intestinal dysautonomy associated with the anti-Covid vaccination and exacerbated by boosters. He re-prescribes a predominantly symptomatic therapy with Lyrica, Zirtec and Assonal and Chloroquine to be carried out indefinitely, confirming that at the moment there are no specific therapies for Long-term syndrome Vax (post vaccination) and the patient (who participates) is included in a research conducted at his institute in a prospective observational study which aims to improve the treatment of people who are affected by symptoms compatible with Long Covid caused by viruses or Vaccine.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

microimmunotherapy, some supplements, but nothing really decisive/curative. Some drugs improved the symptoms of small fiber neuropathy such as: Lyrica, zirtec.

Which solutions were not helpful?

most of the supplements did not much.

What would you like others to know?

280 / 5.000
Risultati della traduzione
Risultato di traduzione
That vaccine damage should be treated seriously, that serious research be done, and that it stops being a taboo. Because all those injured by the vaccine are people who have trusted and now find themselves without health due to a drug that was supposed to protect them.

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