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P.E. – Texas

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



Hi Everyone.

First I am not anti vax . I am not anti science. I am pro facts and accountability.

I am a bottle blonde female of 73 (thou I tell everyone I'm 29 which my Grandson says is impossible since his Mom is older than that. LOL) 5'8 145lbs.

I had just returned home the last week of April after being gone since mid February. . During those 2 months I drove 4 different straight thru non stop trips; Non stop means no stopping at motels or to eat. Just gas up grab a burger, use the restroom and go.. One was 900 miles, followed by climbing 3 full flights of stairs at my daughter's at least 5 times a day (great grandchildren monitoring) cleaning, and navigating a property where there is not one flat spot sans the decks. 2nd trip was 800 miles straight thru and 800 miles straight thru back. Two weeks later, my 900 miles straight thru drive home. I work full time in sales, my only medication is Claritan for mold allergies Have a physical annually..

Here what I told the Janssen nurse on 6/17.

Shot received in left arm 5/15. Came home and took a Zicam

First night: watery eyes, post nasal drip

2nd night: Headache resolved with Ibuprophen

3rd and on going: intermittent blurry vision in rt eye

4th night: severe left foot cramping .Tried walking, rubbing, heat..Resolved after a couple hrs.

6th and on going: swelled lymph nodes behind ears(right where your glasses rest above your ears) and under arms.

10th night severe cramping left hand

11th and on going

17th: Left Hand stiffnesss and aches with fingernail on 4th finger loosened. Stiffness decreased to tenderness centered on tip of 4th finger and finger nail seeming to get more strongly attached to nail bed.

Fought incredibile fatique this whole time. Last two weeks this has stopped being a job challenge , more normal energy levels.

Nausea and vomiting has followed. Every day is nausea day. I have found that my digestive system will tolerate a half cup of cheerios with 1/4c strawberries or banana mid morning and buttered toast slice sporadically thru the day. On a good day, I can tolerate a cup and a half of crumbled hamburger with steamed brocolli or other vegetables or poached eggs on toast.. If I eat more than that I end up with severe abdominal cramping within a couple of hours and then giving it up to the cammode. Not fun.

I do get shoulder and neck pain, sporadic sensing that a charlie horse is coming in my left calf, continued aching in my left 3rd and 4th finger, continued intermittent blurry vision.

There were many days where I feared I was headed to death's door......depression is an terrible part of this. I did not go to the doctors, never heard one peep back from J&J,

I refuse to surrender and hope by sharing my ""mild in comparison"" story it will be heard and used as part of the puzzle to help everyone who has been drafted for this war and suffered damage and loss.

In addition, our family has an incredible 86 year old woman with Parkinson's. Traveled, played with her Great Grandkids, and a friend described her as having ""pepper in her behind"" because she was always up and going. Was living independently. Got her shot in March. She now has been diagnosed with Epilepsy as well (she had the Pfizer). has seizures, huge dementia issues, no longer able to take care of herself. In skilled care now.

Thank you all for opening up your hearts, your minds, and your strength. Thank you Sheryl and Ken for this ""meeting place"" and for fighting for our voices to be heard. Thanks to Senator Johnson for not caving and standing strong. God has a special seat in his house for all of you.

-P.E. - Texas"

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