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R.G. – Missouri

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



Following the first Moderna vaccine in early March I began noticing visual issues about a week later. These symptoms became progressively worse and I began to notice holes in my visual field much like painting a picture with a sponge and loss of color. About March 21 I was admitted to Hospital for 3 days to diagnose problem. MRI and testing of spinal fluid was done to diagnose problem and to document optic nerve swelling. Samples of spinal fluid were later sent to the Mayo Clinic among other places to test for diagnosis. In early May the tests came back with MOG disease which is an autoimmune thing which attacks the myelin or nerve covering. Following treatment with steroids to reduce swelling some improvement has been noted but I am still experiencing visual loss and future improvement is unsure. I have never had autoimmune issues in my life and my neurologist believes the vaccine is a strong possibility of the cause.

In addition I have cancer issues unrelated to the vaccine and immunotherapies, although an uncertain approach in my case are not an option due to the Autoimmune issues.

-R.G. - Missouri"

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