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R.K. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


J&J 1805031 3/12/21 MY INFO 59yo, disabled, Diabetes ll, very bad back, cancer ""97"", compromised immune sys, live alone in So. Texas(Frio county) in the boonies.reported this to Vaers mid April., The day of the vaccine, I got home & fell right asleep. When I woke up that night, I was stiff as a board, had heavy pressure on my chest, very heavy allergie symptoms, I forget a bunch, I never went outside & I still couldn't get my shoes on after a week. I thought it was stiffness & it was also my feet & leg were swollen up. I live alone with my 2 dogs & didn't want to go to emergency if they were going to admit me. I had lived past 2 weeks, so I thought I was going to be OK.I went to my Doctor 14 days in. As soon as I said I had a reaction to the vaccine, he pretty much turned & walked out. I had gone through 5 Doctors in 5 months, all doing the same exact simple tests that I have no idea what the tests said because once I mentioned the vaccine reaction, they basically left me sitting there.. One Doc. Asked me if I had my will in order. THAT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. But as soon as I said It was from the vaccine, he also turned & walked out, saying to come back in a month. After 6 months, I still am very stiff, the heavy weight on my chest is 1/2, my feet are 75% back, I have no stamina, cough with exertion, sleep a lot, heavy pain from my back interferes with other feelings, so I can't put an exact feel to it, my skin is peeling like it's very dry, my throat swells up here & there restricting breathing, I wake up now & then coughing catching my breath, and when ever I do anything, I go to bed & sleep for hours. I have found a young Doctor this month 9/21, that after getting curious about my problems(not yet saying anything about the vaccine), I told him. I said the story about the 5 Doctors. He paused & said, I have 3 other patients with varied side effects that have gone through the same thing as you. But the problem here in So. Texas is, a NEW YORK MINUTE HERE IS A DAY & A HALF. Everything takes 2 weeks to a month for specialists to call & book an appointment. I missed tlast week, having a partial relapse & couldn't risk driving. I HAVE NOT DIED SO FAR, SO I THINK I'LL LIVE TO GET AN APPOINTMENT! I can't find anywhere to get help or info about what to do, where to go, what tests & specialists to see or even a support group to discuss. Every neighbor I had talked to, are pretty much scared of me thinking they could catch it. I am no longer getting better. I am in limbo with the current % of rections.It took me a long time to find this place.

-R.K. - Texas"

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