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R.S. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I'm a 68yr old female, a cancer survivor since 2007 & was living a healthy lifestyle before receiving the two vaccines this year. I had the first vaccine on March 9th which I only experienced a slight ache on my arm body aches, allergies, coughing but on my second jab April,6th, my life was turned upside down. On the same day I had the second shot, I got the covid arm, with swelling, redness, pain, that lasted for seven days. I took tylenol for relief, but on the second week I developed a rash on my neck area, very itchy which I had to apply calamine lotion to help with it. Then, I developed severe joint pain on both thighs & hips especially after walking or using my stationary bike. This pain has continued until now that I wake up at night with hot flashes & sweating. I'm constantly sneezing with massive sinus drainage daily. My endocronologist who I have to see every 3 months for hypothyroid & insulin resistance which I just had a follow up visit last month reported that my glucose A1C had gone up to 7.5 compared to the last one I had in March earlier this year was stable at 6.5. & after I complained to her that maybe it was the side effects from the vaccine. She just blew me off & gave me a referral to go see a rhuematologist to be evaluated for reactivation of arthritis since I was on remission since 2012. I'm very angry about this matter with my new health issues since I was feeling fine before I received the vaccines. I believe that someone has to be held accountable about the bad advice & not warning the people about these toxic vaccines. I feel my life has been harmed as I did report it to VAERES which they sent me an e-mail that I may have been injured by the vaccine on March 29th about possible side effects, but I have not heard from them anymore. Now I'm suffering & don't know what else to do. If I go see the RA specialist all they will do is to start me on steriods, other meds which make me very ill & cause even more harm. HELP!!!

-R.S. -Texas"

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