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T.C. – North Carolina

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/22/21

I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I have seen many patients come in the hospital with different bleeding disorders that did not have any bleeding disorders before. Patients will sometimes want to talk about the issues that they are going through. I would ask them have you had this happened to you before do you have any bleeding disorders and they would always say no I haven’t and I try not to jump to did you get a vaccination but as a conversation continues I asked them did you ever get the Covid vaccination every patient that had clots started having bleeding disorders. From clots to bleeding from the rectum or spitting up blood has had the Covid vaccination within a week to a couple months before symptoms would appear. One patient told me she had an aneurysm another patient who had cancer got the vaccination still ended up with Covid and then had blood clots all within a month of the Covid shot. I have many testimonies from patients that have received the Covid shot and ended up in the hospital some of the patients believe it it was from the Covid shot some are not putting it together and the doctors are not telling them any different. I tried to put it in a way as in a timeline when things started happening to them sense the vaccination I don’t come out and say anything but sometimes I can see a spark in their eyes and some of them just don’t understand. To keep myself from losing my job I don’t tell them I think it was the vaccination even though I know it was. At this time my employer is not requiring the vaccination I will not get the vaccination I will have to work somewhere that doesn’t require it I like what I do I’m a very good phlebotomist been doing it for over 28 years and I would hate To lose my job but I do not want the issues I see these patients coming into the hospital with.

T.C. - North Carolina

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