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T.H. – Missouri

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



This story is on behalf of two colleagues who acknowledge that they received vaccine injury but do not plan to report them to Vaers.

Colleague A received 1st Pfizer shot and two days later developed a large blind spot in his left eye. He lost all but slight peripheral vision in that eye. Visited 4 doctors for multiple tests & finally was asked when he got the vaccine in relation to the issue. When he told her she responded that she’s seen multiple cases like this and his eyesight will remain impaired ... it’s like a mini stroke in his eye was her layman’s explanation.

Colleague B received sane vaccine and soon after developed pressure in his head & ear and serious vertigo that has improved somewhat but not resolved yet, months later.

Both colleagues are in good health in their early 60s.

-T.H. - Missouri"

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