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T.Y. – Hawaii

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Had first covid vaccine on Feb 27 (Saturday). Stayed for half an hour due to allergy risk. Arm was a bit sore though nothing to be worried about. The following Tuesday (3 days later) I began to feel like a giant 150 lb weight was on top of my chest. I was off that day and was relaxed just at rest when the pain suddenly appeared. I am not prone to anxiety at all. I had my bpm/bloodpressure bracelet on and checked my temperature and oxygen levels. I typically sit at 104/78 bpm about 54 at rest, temp 97.6 and oxygen 99 percent. I had checked my stats and temp and oxygen was fine though bpm was at 104 and blood pressure 123/80. It felt as if my chest was about to collapse and my arm was sore and was hard to breathe. I went to sleep that night with the phone in my hand with 911 on speed dial... I woke up the next day and felt as if I could breathe better then I could before I had the vaccine. It had been humid so on average in Hawaii it can be a bit taxing during certain times of the year though It felt as if my breathing capacity had increased so I just assumed the antibodies had kicked in and generated a simulation of covid to which I had hoped I would never experience if that was the body developing antibodies.

March 27 (Saturday ) was dose two. I stayed half an hour at clinic and this time I felt a numbness on my left arm and up my neck and near my face though it was mild and disappeared after about 15 minutes so I left. By the time I was half way home I became seriously more thirsty like I had been dehydrated despite drinking 1.5 litres of water before the second dose. I got home about 15 minutes after leaving the clinic and began drinking more water. It had felt like my tongue was going numb, my cheeks in my mouth dried out and it felt like my fillings were turning to chalk and falling out of my head so I kept drinking until it went away and also felt like my mouth was like the taste of battery acid. I called the clinic to see if I should return for an epi pen and they said no. Had a headache.

I don't drink, smoke , do drugs and am in good health, no anxiety and walk/speed walk/ exercise about 5-8 miles a day so good typically besides the odd dehydration. I had gotten a covid test prior to the vaccine, between the two doses and a test after the second dose and had all negative results. I had researched why the heart felt the way it did as I'm not at risk for heart disease and came up with cardiac enzymes that could enter the blood stream and become toxic and kill someone so I decided to take Natto which is just fermented soy but you can get the non soy version at the health store and I did take the supplement and I feel it helped immensely with my covid vaccine post symptoms. They also call it broken heart syndrome and also I am considered prone to clotting because I had varicose veins which needed injections shortly after my child was born so I do have a history of the the issues that could present like deep vein thrombosis and be in that category for sure. I do not promote just drinking lots of water and making home made natto as the solution to help push the vaccine through the body and help move clotting issues through though I also increased up my K2 intake and then added some B12 post Natto. (9 days of taking Natto) and felt ok. Though that is my own personal journey as I listened to where my body was feeling it the most and did the research. I did not go to the doctor though reported it to them to report to VAERS and called Moderns to submit an anonymous report though may change the status depending on if the affects return or change.

On June 23 my left arm began to feel stiff and when I woke up the next day it had gotten worse and by the weekend my arm felt swollen and felt warm to the touch which lasted about 48-72 hours in the inflammation period then dissipated. So it was sore from Wednesday to Saturday and between Sunday and Tuesday is when the inflammation began and ran it's course. I had no fever as my temp read 97.8 and my vitals were about 72bpm and bp 111/79 oxygen 99. I had found out that someone in the outer circle had contracted covid and there was exposure to someone I know. They were In contact Thursday/Friday to the cluster (earliest known) and that person tested positive on Tuesday . I had wondered if my body was fighting it with my antibodies if it was in the atmosphere. People who had direct exposure to the person nested negative and I have not had any fever or symptoms and know I have not had close contact. So it may have been a coincidence though I did not even know until Tuesday of this week as the department of health failed to notify the public that an outbreak was occurring until it released an independent report separate of the state to which the state reports every day in the news. It was baffling to many that they did not report the clusters and cases. The community is small 70,000 people with a 63 percent vaccination rate of at least one dose and 55 percent with 2 doses though it's been reported that many people who got the vaccines are also still getting covid.

T.Y. - Hawaii"

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