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Vaccine Injury of Tara

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a healthy, outgoing, active mother of two, wife and small business owner. I went to the gym 5 days per week and competed in fitness competitions. I spent a lot of time outdoors with my kids riding quads and snowmobiles, boating, fishing, hiking and tending to our small farm.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

4/9/21 Pfizer Vax-3 days of extreme fatigue, burning in my veins, chest pain and brain fog followed by 10 days of exhaustion, pinching around my heart, BP spikes, sweating and cognitive decline
4/23/21- Lost all balance and cognitive abilities declined dramatically, pinching around my heart, chest pains, pain in jaw and right arm. Went to ER, high bp, regular EKG, sent home to follow up with PCP
4/24/21- Woke up in excruciating chest pain and arm pain, extreme migraine, light and sound sensitivity, lost vision, no balance, no muscle strength, unable to project my voice above a whisper unable to walk, face was swollen- rushed to ER, ADMITTED to cardiac floor for 5 days
Diagnosed with *vestibular neuritis, clinical diagnosis of pericarditis awaiting MRI, Told it was an adverse rection to the Pfizer vax by neurologist, had a heart catheterization through my groin and extensive labs, received high doses of anti-inflammatories, anti viral meds, and occupational therapy to re-learn to walk.
4/28/21- first night home, some improvements but very unsteady. off balance, weak, unable to process thought's, chest pains persisted, extreme fatigue, unable to walk unassisted, intense cramping in ovaries. Collapsed and was unconscious on the floor. I awoke with the worst pain I have ever felt like something was going to rupture in my chest, followed by a sudden release of pressure and reduced pain. I was unsure of my surroundings, did not recognize where I was, unable to move for ten minutes, was brought back to ER by ambulance. CT scan and labs were clear, sent home to follow up with Neurologist and cardiologist.
4/29-5/15-some improvements, went to PT for Vestibular Neuritis, continued nmeds, up and down symptoms.
5/16 & 5/17-Chest pain increased with every step and any exertion or movement called PCP and was advised to go to ER-I declined as I was anticipating the same run around of" tests look fine, follow up with specialists"
5/18- cramping around heart became unbearable, went to ER and surprise " tests look fine, follow up with specialists"
5/19 5th ER visit- woke up with extreme eye pain and partial loss of speech, rushed to ER. Doc refused a brain scan and lectured me on mis use of ER. We insisted on imaging as my speech declined and the CT room was all of a sudden rushed in by Drs, nurses and techs as my brain showed a large amount of ischemia/lack of oxygen. I was transported to a larger hospital
EVENING-I completely lost my ability to speak and soon became completely paralyzed. I was unable to swallow and my mouth was clenched shut, I could not use my limbs. I was trapped in my body but understood my surroundings. I began to hallucinate and had a metallic taste in my mouth and burning in my ears. The only function I had was intentional shallow breathing through my nose.
5/20-5/21-functions returned and then declined off and on.
5/22-26- spinal taps, MRIs, EEG, EKGs, CT scans, labs, PT, lots of Drs. evaluations and finally made improvements. Regained speech but developed a studder, barely able to write my name, unable to handle simple stimulation such as conversation or movement. After 8 days on the Neuro floor I was sent home to follow up with Neurologists and cardiologists
5/27-present (12/14/23) Total of 31 ER visits and 6 admissions for monitoring, hundreds of labs, PT, Specialists
My life has been riddled with symptoms/flares and multisystem failure. Frequent paralysis on my right side, relentless chest pain, fainting and sinking episodes, brain fog, fluctuating bp, tachycardia, dysautonomia. POTS, declined adrenal and thyroid function, severe PMS, muscle twitches, sleep apnea, weakened diaphragm muscle, muscle spasms, sweats, chills, inability to regulate temperature, cytokine storms, pericarditis 3x, burning skin, burning lungs, muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, short of breath, nerve pain, loss of movement on right side, new food, medicine and environmental allergies, anxiety, PTSD

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

OZONE, UVBI, EBOO, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Neuroplasticity therapy, clean-healthy-organic-non processed-anti-inflammatory diet,no sugar, low carb, high healthy fat, 0 alcohol, proper supplementations, Pompa Cellular Detox program

What would you like others to know?

Don't give up! There is hope and resources. We are no longer censored in the dark. Diet is HUGE! It is important to rid your body of all toxins and stop re-introducing toxins through food, environment, beauty products and household cleaners/chemicals.

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