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Vaccine Injury of Tara Leger

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was very grateful for the life I had before the covid vaccine. I lived with health and vitality rarely if ever needed a doctor visit. A mom of 2 boys, nothing made my heart sing more than playing ball games with my family , challenging yoga sessions and long jogs to the beach with my dog. Prior to starting a family I worked passionately as a teacher.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

8/31/21 Pfizer shot
8/31/21- 15 min post shot ambulance to ER
burning sensation, metallic taste and smell
feeling loss of sensation in whole body came over like a crashing wave
tingling and numbness, back spinal spasms,
weak dizzy heart rate and blood pressure unstable
Er said vitals were stable enough to go home; Parasthesia diagnosis. asked if I had anxiety to which I had no prior experience with
sent home and revisited the er again a week later, fainting when transitioning to standing or standing for a min or longer, unstable heart rate, blood pressure, numbness head arms legs when trying to rest, menstrual cycle nonstop 35 days straight, blurred vision spells, weakness, strange strain to chew food, frequent spells feeling of weightlessness loss of all body sensation, sometimes alarm me from sleep.
Er treated me awful, insulting, discriminating me for only 1 shot and told me I was making this up in my head and
to seek counseling.
symptoms persisted and new symptoms presented over the 2 years. I have extreme exercise intolerance w sickness and numbness, vision loss, exhaustion, brain fog, sickness after eating during digestion, arthritic pain, tinnitus, tremors, spine twitching, often needing a dark room no stimulation to rest. My labs show heightened d-dimer and elevated liver enzymes. I used to drink very casually now cannot tolerate alcohol.
Interestingly years prior while teaching I was required to receive a couple of boosters. Looking back, I went through a year or 2 of frequent fainting and I am now thinking that there must be a correlation. Those symptoms were not as destructive to my day to day living but certainly something I think about now.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

NAC, b12, vit c, d, natokinese, bromelian
cold shower, juicing, adding salt to diet
Qigong, gentle yoga
None have cured, just helped to comfort and minimally function

Which solutions were not helpful?

going to doctors has proven to be unhelpful, and leaving me feeling helpless and questioning my own mental state.

What would you like others to know?

I want others to know that you are not alone, and pray for answers to help us gain health and freedom from this daily torment.
I want the world to stop politicizing our choice to personal health and to recognize the living nightmare we all face.

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