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Vaccine Injury of Tom Witter

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

10/12/20 Contracted Covid
1/1/21 - Cytokine Storm after shoveling snow
1/6 and 1/19/21 ER visits for massive body inflammation and inability to move/walk
1/19 Perirectal Abscess forms
1/19 CRP score of 184
2/10 Perirectal Abscess breaks
2/11 -13/21 Admitted to ER for inflammation and infection
3/25 First Surgery for Perirectal abscess
5/25/21 First Pfizer vaccination
6/21/21 second Pfizer shot
5/25 - 7/1 lost 35 pounds
7/8/21 second perirectal abscess surgery
9/9/21 third perirectal abscess surgery, seton added for drainage
9/9 CRP remains above 80, no doctor addresses
Remainder of 21 to March of 22, Colorectal doctors don't know why I wont heal. Joint pain persists. Cannot walk stair over stair.
3/22/22 - Seton removed. local colorectal doctor tells me to seek other doctors
5/8/22 - CRVO blinds left eye. from elevated inflammation. Right Should and right wrist suddenly bone on bone
8/31/22 Visit Mayo Clinic in Rochester for the first time
6 trips to Mayo between 8/31/22 and 2/15/23. Procedures include 4th colo-rectal surgery, laser eye surgery, different meds. Visit 6 different medical specialties
2/23 Able to walk "normally" again CRP reduced to 11-12
11/23 Perirectal abscess would finally heals

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Treated by Mayo for Gout. Meds prescribed slowly lowered CRP score. They found 2-3 gout crystals in my foot...

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors unwillingness to accept correlation between Covid and vaccine with all of my issues.
Lack of response to a 20x normal CRP score.
MD friend of mine said, "take the vaccine, it will give you a 50/50 chance of making you better." It didnt...

What would you like others to know?

Lucky that the Covid issues manifested themselves as inflammation rather than myocarditis.
None of this is in the VAERS.
Participated in KU MEdical Center Long Covid study that was a waste of time. Only took blood and stool samples as a data grab.
Had more adverse reactions than all but those who died.
This is a thumb nail of the 3 years of problems. Way more details than listed here.

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